Financial System In Terminal State Of Broken

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It is so tough out there. I just wonder how much longer we can hang in. My gold shares have been clobbered and my physical holdings continue to plunge. Did we misread the strength of the dollar? The weakness of other countries has buoyed the dollar. Is this correct? I know you are swamped so please do not answer this.  Thanks, you too hang in.


Dear Bob,

I am 100% committed in my gold company, no margin and no plans to change.

The world has taken on a "virtual reality" with no reference to what really is. This is the biggest market power play of smoke and mirrors in history. It is happening because the financial system is in a terminal state of broken.

To see your friends wounded is horrible. Regardless, I do not believe that Hollywood can keep reality from emerging, gold from rising, and the almighty buck strong.

The financial markets are aptly understood if instead of worrying you would watch a movie titled, "Wag the Dog."

My decision is made. No amount of evil, foul and false emails from short sellers, and the gold banks is going to do anything but strengthen my resolve. Today more than 25 new addresses from people I have never heard from before were added to my spam folder.

The only thing that can delay me in buying more gold investments is how fast I can sell any fixed assets I own.


Wag the Dog (New Line Platinum Series) (1998)