An Update On Gold From CIGA Bo Polny

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Dear CIGAs,

I am writing to provide an update to the original post on JSMineset dated April 19, 2013. Click here to view the original post…

In the gold chart provided back in April, there were two dates: the first May 2-3 and the second May 10-13, 2013 were noted as turn dates.

May 2-3 was to mark a short term high. If you check the price of gold you will see it did! Gold’s daily time clock from the rise off the April 15, 2013 low ended May 3, 2013.

The next date, May 10-13 is to mark the low off the May 2-3 high for both gold and silver. 

With regards to silver, this is a time for extreme caution! What is next? May 9-10, 2013… the drop! The question is how low will it go? The bottom comes in either Friday May 10, 2013 or Monday May 13, 2013. Will support at $22 hold or not? That is the big question.  Again until May 13, 2013 has passed, silver is extremely vulnerable to a support break!

Gold’s low will hold due to its impressive rise since its bottom April 15, 2013.

Have a great day,

CIGA Bo Polny

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