The Rig Is Up

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My Dear Friends,

Thanks to the revelation brought to the world regarding the paper gold fraud, certain gold shares will now advance by many hundred percents. Some are likely ten baggers like in the 1980s.

Good growing intermediate tier producing gold shares will lead gold majors, gold and all equities now to new highs in its own unprecedented bull market as the successful short of gold share hedge funds sitting with huge shorts have become complacent. There is a new definition to the right gold companies. They are the holders of the real physical supply.

The biggest move in gold shares in the 1968 to 1980 gold market was after gold broke from $887.50 to $449. The recovery from $449 to $750 witnessed the gold shares moving up by many hundreds of percents. The same is going to happen now because there is no significant above ground supply of gold. It has been stolen or purchased over the past many years.

The big dirty secret is out. There is no gold.

The formula for profits in gold shares in order of significance are:

1. Mid tier producers or those moving into that position.
2. Located out of the reach of North America or Euroland.
3. Strict control of overhead.
4. Huge comfortable short positions.

If true as David C says, the RIG IS UP.

Keep in mind that the repository of physical gold is the intermediate sized producer with low production costs and run tight ships overhead wise. Something other than the way colonialist majors are run with no attention to the shareholder or their host countries.

Physical gold unimpeded by the paper scam can trade at prices that will set your hair on fire.



In gold there were more withdrawals from the Comex-approved depositories on Tuesday. They reported receiving 852 troy ounces and shipped 238,716 troy ounces out the door. You have to ask yourself where this gold is headed and why. The link to that activity is here.