Has Your Fortune Been Stolen?

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Dear CIGAs,

Has your fortune been stolen? Did it ever exist in the first place? Gold storage today is the greatest temptation in the history of the world!

There are shocking signs that gold held "in storage," "in the system," has in fact been stolen from you just as it was stolen from the Jewish survivors after the end of the Second World War. We know that there is a history of this in Europe and elsewhere that when the surviving Jewish depositors demanded their gold from banks, their request was denied because of the need to fulfill banking regulations concerning proof of ownership. Time has revealed that the truth was many of the grand mansions on the great lakes of Europe were built with the gold that was denied to the lawful relatives of those Jewish people that had died during the war.

What makes you think the modern, generally despised, considered ignorant and less than worthy as an investor Gold Bugs are looked on with different eyes by bankers in the system than the Gold Bugs of Germany, France, Poland and Austria were?

The sign that your gold does not exist and may never have existed is the same evidence that has been gathered from the rape of the surviving Jewish families of the last world war. The "in system" storage companies of banks will inform you that banking regulations first limit, then prevent you from obtaining your gold bullion held even in an allocated form. It will start as a limitation on gold withdrawal as a tool to prevent "money laundering" due to directives from their central bank concerning anti terrorism measures. If you hear that you are royally screwed. Was that not a form of what the surviving Jews were told? A bank regulation prevented them from getting their gold. It was not common shares or German marks they stored in the European banking system. It was primarily gold bullion.

A shocking trend is starting right now.


Dear Jim,

I have been told by my bank that getting gold bullion in allocated storage above $200,000 out of the bank is apparently not possible due to anti-money laundering laws, or so I was told. The risks I have identified are confiscation by financial authorities or other order. Bail-in (despite allocated gold not being in their books). Forced conversion to paper due to gold shortage.

Please help me. What is this all about?



Very recently we have seen AMRO back force a cash settlement on clients of their gold that was held in storage or under contract for delivery by the bank. The inviting question is why? The logical answer is because there was either no or less gold there than clients had one way or another deposited.

We know that recently a class action suit against Morgan for exactly the same reason was settled out of court on the same cash, not bullion basis.

You have to re-examine your relations with any storage facility you are using. This goes as much for non North Americans as well as people of all nationalities within the system or utilizing any storage facility period.

The beauty of gold is that it is limited and the same. It can easily be proven pure by an inexpensive tool that measures the speed of sound via different metals that would report any non-gold content. All gold looks like any other gold. The serial number on a bar is as much of a joke as the serial number on the engine of a restored vintage car. Auto restores can order both new crate engines and matching serial numbers to what the original car had out of many auto collectors wants and offers magazines. Therefore the claim in the vintage auto industry of matching serial numbers is easily and most usually a hoax.

Let’s consider for a moment that you applied to Goldman and Morgan because you were so impressed by their corporate culture, but unfortunately you did not make the cut. In thinking about other opportunities you decided to either start or work for an "in system" financial storage company or department.

In the allocated pile of gold you have a little mountain that belongs to Vinny, another for Jose and another for Hans. You, just like Enron, have one of the most respected accounting houses, and you have insurance from a known name.

As you look at these three piles of shiny bullion you think longingly of that 65 foot custom cruiser you have always wanted for your waterfront home in the Hamptons or on Lake Geneva. You know you are going to make good money in your life but what good is all the money when you must wait until you are in your seventies? The temptation to borrow a few bars from Hans is too great to resist. You also know that people who store gold rarely withdraw it outside of an estate situation and sometimes not even then. Now you have your custom built custom cruiser and estate. It is easy to fool the accountants because for security reasons they cannot be left alone in the vault room. They certainly understand and cooperate. All is going swimmingly until you are notified Hans is in the building requesting to see and feel his allocated gold. No problem because you now borrow from Jose’s pile to replace the bars taken from Han’s pile and maybe borrow a few more for that new Ferrari and mistresses expenses. Nobody has heard from Jose anyway and he was a politician on a developing country, a high risk occupation. It sure was good that you invested in those matching serial numbers of which you have many duplicates. The only problem now is a large percentage of the borrowed gold is allocated, but especially unallocated gold has gone missing. Still no worries as gold in storage, rarely, if ever leaves storage. Storage historically and in recent present time has proven to be the bank of the bank or the bank of the storage entity. You might even link your storage facility by a tunnel to another storage facility for the rare case that a really big gold storage depositor wishes to make a surprise visit to hug his/her bars. You can just run the gold between storage facilities as the owner walks to the next place for inspection.

I am convinced that the greatest scandals will not be only outside of the gold industry, but directly in it.

Your gold could be gone if you hear the same excuses for not giving you everything you have stored on the same day you ask for it.

It could be that the safest entity within the gold market is a private gold mining cooperative that distributes all of it gold above the cost of mining, maintaining a very low overhead located outside of the Western financial system. No such entity that I know of presently exists.