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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

As time passes everything is about the dollar and not about any paper game.

The games played to separate us from our money by Goldman and Merrill are but a temporary evil. Hot wars have been fought recently over this chart in which people have died. Libya is a prime example.

The major factor in the dollar evaluation is utilization for international contract settlement including, but not limited to, petro dollars.

Satan’s financiers have danced on us, but the dollar will have the final say.

82.047 -0.271 (-0.35%)
2013-04-16 10:28:35, 30 MIN DELAY


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here is the biggest load of crap since Goldman declared they were doing God’s work.

Gold Slump Sparked by European Sale Concern, Goldman Says
By Phoebe Sedgman – Apr 16, 2013 5:36 AM ET

The selloff in gold that cut futures 13 percent over two days was sparked by investor concern that European governments may have to follow Cyprus in selling part of their holdings, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

The slump, which drove prices to their lowest level since January 2011 today, was exacerbated as the metal fell below so- called technical-support levels, analysts including Jeff Currie and Damien Courvalin said in a report dated today, entitled “There Are Weeks When Decades Happen.”

Gold has plunged into a bear market as investors reduced holdings in exchange-traded products amid signs the U.S. economy is recovering, paring haven demand. Goldman said April 10 the turn in the gold cycle was quickening and investors should sell the metal. The drop in the past two days was one of the largest corrections in modern history, according to Deutsche Bank AG.

“The sharp selloff in gold was triggered by growing fears that the central bank of Cyprus would sell its gold reserves, potentially reflecting a larger monetization of gold reserves across other European central banks,” the Goldman analysts wrote in the report dated today.

Bullion for June delivery was 1.3 percent higher at $1,378.50 an ounce on the Comex at 5:33 p.m. in Singapore after losing as much as 2.9 percent to $1,321.50. Futures plunged 9.3 percent yesterday after entering a bear market last week, falling more than 20 percent from the record close in 2011.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Chris Martenson’s gold smash analysis. He points out the intricacies of the 2013 Great Train Robbery

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The New Normal. Great for the Banksters, hard for the other 99.9%.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Angel, my under cover Chief of Security.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The new $100 bill. You have to like the liberal use of gold ink.

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