Gold Will Perform To Where We Expect

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My Dear Extended Family,

I deeply appreciate the many kind emails today.

I have no doubt that gold will perform to the levels we have anticipated. The action in this market has been the product of two firms that act as gold banks selling paper in amounts that exceed any imaginable long position. The means of the sales have been vicious and clearly intended to depress the price.

Personally, I am horrified that markets are in the hands of such people, but more so that I did not fully appreciate how disorderly they would act in markets that now have no rules for the Banksters. For this I offer my heartfelt apology.

You and your financial affairs are precious to me. I feel your pain. Your positions, and mine are on the same side.

There is no doubt whatsoever that gold will perform exactly as we expect now to enrich the Banksters, just as it occurred in the 1970s bull market.