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Decision-Making Requires One Voice and Message

Outside my trading connections, secular, intermarket, and leveraged money flow trends, each driven by market forces over the long-term, or what I often describe as the message of the market, represent the foundation of intelligence gathering for investment decision-making. As Jim implies, "headline news" is more entertainment than informational.

Remember yesterday’s topic of discussion in the community that Russia was going to freeze German money? That was another example of the totally inaccurate reporting in the gold community.

So far there has not been one correct rendition of what took place in Cyprus. Do you know that one major bank was open for the entire period of Cyprus Bank closures for major clients?

Do you really believe in the months leading up to this that the Russian depositors just sat there calmly waiting for largess from the IMF and did not withdraw the balance of their accounts as the account stood?

It gets harder every day to do JSMineset when even the gold community is full of gun slingers that I believe will transmit themselves to whatever is hot in town for revenue. Many articles are even published under made up names.