The Great Golden Train Robbery

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My Dear Extended Family,

The pressure on gold is not permanent in any sense. This decline is, as I have told you, similar to the series of declines just before gold took off in the 70s from $400 to $887.50. Those declines then were for the purpose of the last great shake of the gold apple tree prior to the move that gained the most distance over the least amount of time.

My birthday is March 27th. By that time this decline in gold will be old history. This decline is purely to take your positions away from you, certainly in shares which today trade at historic discounts to their assets.

I can only suggest to you as strongly as possible that you need to defend yourself by doing absolutely nothing. This way you can get into the fight and prevent the shorts from taking their profits that are soon to become losses.

The biggest profits the shorts have is in your shares. As long as your company is performing well on the ground do not let the shorts have any joy. This may be the last time before gold trades in excess of $3500 that you need bite the bullet of emotional restraint.


My Dear Friends,

Please do not join the waterfall that the manipulators have depended on.

Gold has not formed a classic top. There is no top in the gold price. This is the Great Golden Train Robbery and the conductors are the Gold Banksters.

My Dear Extended Family,

Please do not be hoodwinked by these demonic sociopath bankster gold banks that, just like in 1979-1980 with the help of Trojan Horse gold writers, stole a huge amount of gold and gold shares from long term cash investors, leaving them without any insurance as the gold market made the highest price and covered the most dollars of appreciation over the shortest period of time.

In the 70s gold appreciated on the basis of what MIGHT happen. Gold is going to and through $3500 because of what has already happened already. Not one more problem by one more dollar is required for gold to attempt to move in price to balance the balance sheets here, there and everywhere.

My advice is to hold all gold positions and wait patiently for the correction to end.  Just before the huge 1979-80 surge, we saw a big ‘clean out’ correction in gold.  I believe history is about repeat. 

— Richard Russell on King World News Radio

You have heard it from Richard Russell and myself. You can be active in the gold and gold investment market by simply doing nothing. The new evil demonic gold bank destroyers of good efforts are working hard to create a waterfall in gold and gold shares that can only happen if you are foolish enough to shift your decision making to your emotions. If you want to fight back, do not under any circumstances panic now. If you do not panic they will be beaten as this is the last significant reaction before gold roars higher. If you want to be in the fight and not simply a spectator, you simply have to do nothing whatsoever.

Richard Russell and I are not newcomers to the gold market. Neither Richard nor I have experienced embarrassment as leaders, directing our friends into a trap of price or time. We will not fail now. Our legacy will be extremely clean.

Gold is heading toward the system and not away from it. Gold is the necklace many currencies will be wearing from 2015 forward. The percentage of gold being held as reserves seems to have a 15% target on it. That should give you an easy way to compute what these central banks are thinking in regard to the ultimate value of gold in the free gold cash market.

Gold is the only tool available to balance the balance sheets of the worst monetary deficit, debt, sinners. Gold will balance the balance sheet of the transgressors. The transgressing central banks have to balance their balance sheets as the world cannot continue forever on this QE sponsored illusion of solvency.


Central banks last year bought most gold since 64

FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) — The world s central banks last year bought 534.6 tons of gold in 2012, the most since 1964, as global gold demand hit a record value level, the World Gold Council said Thursday in a quarterly report. Purchases by central banks for the full year rose 17% compared with 2011, while fourth-quarter purchases of 145 tons marked a 29% rise from the same period a year earlier. "Central banks move from net sellers of gold to net buyers that we have seen in recent years has continued apace," with official sector purchases across the world now at their highest level for almost half a century, said Marcus Grubb, managing director for investment at the World Gold Council. In value terms, total gold demand in 2012 was $236.4 billion, an all-time high, the council said.

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Wake up please because there is no way that the price of gold is staying under $3500

My Dear Extended Family,

There is no way that any entity, be it private, public or both, is going to manipulate away the debt situation faced today.
There is no way that the US is going to become a net exporter of energy in amounts that could even slow down this rate of growth in the debt.
There is no way this flat line recovery is going to turn into a boom in business.
There is no way that the unemployment figures are going to have a sustained improvement short of all the unemployed giving up hope and shifting to the underemployed list.
There is no way that you can set such records in increased liquidity and not have explosion inflation regardless of business activity.
There is no way that the Fed can liquidate its holdings of treasuries in an orderly manner without collapsing the Treasury market.
There is no way the Fed can liquidate any toxic paper it took on from banks internationally in the crisis of 2008.
There is no way the Fed can step away from QE which would mean higher interest rates without collapsing the flat line so called economic recovery.
There is no way any human being could answer thousands of emails that are now overwhelming me.

I am deeply grateful for those CIGA around the world that browse for me, helping me keep in present time with all the unfolding monetary matters globally.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

This is no time to scatter afraid of the unknown accelerated by the Trojan horse of the gold writers.

My Dear Extended Family,

Gold has always been a war between sound finance and debt ridden currencies. When you entered the fray you joined a band of brothers and sisters as fox hole buddies, in this war for both gold’s and our freedom.

Comrades in Golden Arms, if there is to be a battle royal it is here and now. You are armed with the knowledge of how to frustrate this manipulation for theft. Fear not because $3500 is the next stop once we frustrate these beasts of paper.

Stand firm with me, and do as I do now.

Will you take this pledge with me?

"I swear those that have caused the wreckage of all things once held dear to us shall not have my gold or gold share position. Fear is no part of me, and I will face the enemy, confident in our success."

Please listen to the speech of Henry the 5th when he faced what appeared to be an overwhelming French opposition.

It is only an illusion we face this month. All things will be made new this spring.