There Is No Way…

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My Dear Friends,

There is no way that any entity, be it private, public or both, is going to manipulate away the debt situation faced today.
There is no way that the US is going to become a net exporter of energy in amounts that could even slow down this rate of growth in the debt.
There is no way this flat line recovery is going to turn into a boom in business.
There is no way that the unemployment figures are going to have a sustained improvement short of all the unemployed giving up hope and shifting to the underemployed list.
There is no way that you can set such records in increased liquidity and not have explosion inflation regardless of business activity.
There is no way that the Fed can liquidate its holdings of treasuries in an orderly manner without collapsing the Treasury market.
There is no way the Fed can liquidate any toxic paper it took on from banks internationally in the crisis of 2008.
There is no way the Fed can step away from QE which would mean higher interest rates without collapsing the flat line so called economic recovery.
There is no way any human being could answer thousands of emails that are now overwhelming me.

I am deeply grateful for those CIGA around the world that browse for me, helping me keep in present time with all the unfolding monetary matters globally.

Whiners need only read the opening here to know that this is a passing but well constructed manipulative cloud. Those that are trying simply to frustrate me by sending emails cursing my genes that I was born are simply wasting their time and entering the spam blocker.

There is however a take away from this. Last night was the first time I went to sleep with a long list of incoming emails. I have no one to help me with emails because only I can answer them. For the first time, I must tell you that other than corporate emails I can no longer promise you prompt or even answers. I have a company to run, and that is my first order of business and that has always been and is my first order of business.