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My Dear Friends,

What does Russia know that is motivating their purchase of gold? What does China know that is motivating their intend to be the world largest owner of gold? What is behind the downside manipulation to separate you from your gold by scaring the hell out of you and you out of your positions?

This occurred in the 70s. It is nothing new. What is new is you.

The answer is very simple. Gold is not valued at $42 as the US Treasury would have you believe. The majority of the BRICs are going to mark to market valuation of their gold. That will put a necklace of gold on their currencies.

It is the major gold banks now operating in hopes of producing a waterfall of gold into which they will accumulate. Believe me because I know.

You are being royally had. You have a defense even if you are fully committed on a cash basis – simply do nothing.

If you are a coward, admit it and do whatever you have to do to get it over with. That certainly will memorialize the bottom before gold trades over $3500.

I can help people with logic. I have no hope of herding cats.



A Note:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am traveling on corporate business. I will do my best to keep you posted.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Question: What is the difference between a drone and a sniper?
Answer: Range.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

It may not be stored on the puppy’s, but you can be sure that it will be on your children’s and grand children’s chip.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

I must admit to you that my smallest dog does bite, but only gold bears and continual habitual gold whiners.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here I am with your emails this weekend. The computer finally did it.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here is some help for the Federal budget.

Obama to propose pay hike for federal workers
By Jennifer Liberto @CNNMoney
February 8, 2013: 6:26 PM ET

President Obama plans to propose a 1% pay hike for civilian federal workers in his budget proposal for 2014.

The White House’s Office of Management and Budget officials briefed federal labor leaders late Friday on the proposed pay hike.

Federal pay has been frozen for more than two years. A 0.5% pay hike is scheduled to go to civilian federal workers in late March. That pay hike was delayed when President Obama extended the existing pay freeze a few months to give lawmakers time to come up with a budget deal.

Union leaders were elated to hear the news.

"After all that federal workers have sacrificed the past three years, they have earned a raise. I repeat, they have earned a raise," said William R. Dougan, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees.

Congress would still have to approve the pay hike. In the meantime, House Republicans have plans to consider legislation that would extend the current freeze on federal pay through the end of this year. clip_image001