Defend Yourself By Not Giving In

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My Dear Friends,

Please do not fall for this classic manipulation. Please do not make the gold banks happy by giving away your physical. Please do not throw away gold shares because the hedge fund have worked black PR so well that they even have convinced some well known community physical gold merchants of their bear position of shares.

How many times have you seen this not to recognize what it is? Well, this is the big one and last play to denude you of your position. Remember, for every seller there is a buyer. Has not every reaction in gold since $248 attempted to do just that? This big one is no different.

Fundamentally we are approaching the period in gold when it will move up the most points in the shortest period of time. The paper gold market is being used to shake the bullish tree harder this time than any time before because of what is to come. Fear is the most powerful emotion in markets and it is being used perfectly to enrich the grand names of finance at your expense.

Remember how you felt during the first reaction above $1000? This is nothing different. The take downs are planned for times when the market is least liquid either inter day or inter market. This is not liquidation, it is price movement only. I used to do this for a living. I don’t think, but rather I know.

Clearly the gold banks will try to get gold into a capitulation point. Hear me: We are right in front of that time when the market performs a classic bottom both in shares and physical. From this point gold is going to and through $3500. That is why what happened today is happening in the first place.

If you are unable to buy at this time there is one thing you can do. There is one way to get into the fight and out of the stands. That act is do nothing, and do not capitulate. Let them play the price game, but give them nothing whatsoever of yours.

You can exhaust the downside manipulation by not letting it work in the classical terms. You can get into the scrap and not just be on sidelines by calling their bluff no matter how much temporary pain needs to be confronted. We are more powerful than even you know. We have what they want, and we can simply say, NO!

Call your gold companies and ask how their affairs are coming along. Now you must know. Do not pussy foot with them. You want answers

Communicate with me and I will do my best to help you through this:

Please do not be duped by the giant bastards playing you. Every day that passes is one day closer to the day manipulators change sides to long, just like they did in the 1970s.

All this will be old history on my upcoming 72nd birthday. I think you know the date, but no way am I going to inform the gold banks and Fed that read us religiously.

Please let them play their numbers game but do not give them one ounce of your gold or one share of your gold companies for whom all things are progressing well. Soon you will know that you beat them at their own game for the first time. You can be proactive by simply having courage of your and my convictions, therefore not giving them any of your product. There will be great satisfaction when you face down the bully who is basically full of it. This is our last battle before victory. I will be there and I want you to be also. Let them play their price game but do not give them product. Stand tall and stare the bully down. He will flee as this is the last thing he expects.

Have my courage by knowing that we are absolutely correct in markets made by devils that are bullies whose occupation is theft. Gold is the ultimate battle between good and evil. This period of the market is the deciding period of the Mahabharata. This is war and you are in the middle of it. Stand firm and stay the course. Now that the gold banks have us surrounded they cannot get away.

Consider this “Broken Arrow” and please ladies and gentlemen, prepare to defend yourself by not giving in to the purposes of the devils we oppose.

We will win, I promise you.