The Significance Of $1650

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Hi Jim,

You state in your recent post about $1650 Gold being a very important number. My first question is this why we are having so much trouble overcoming this number?

My second question is how long before we leave it behind and start rising to the other targets of your angels?

The conditions to trigger this come into play in two more months.

Thanks for all you do for us CIGAs!



The answer to your first question is because at $1650 a great deal of the present level of Western financial dislocation is fully priced.

For your second question, I believe it will begin later this year as gold begins to take on the mantle of the only tool that can be used to balance the balance sheets of the major deficit nations with the largest economies. This will occur by default as there simply is no other tool to restructure world finance. This will occur in the cash market for gold. The key to timing is the US Treasury market.

Respectfully yours,