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Container Cliff is the potential strike of all port activity from Texas to Maine now pending. It would be the first strike this broad in nature in 35 years.

Add this to the low levels of the Mississippi river blocking transportation, and the potential is that the USA goes into product consumption and export.

This would be a transport freeze frame while at the same time US political leadership plays chicken with the Fiscal Cliff.

Soon the discovery is going to take place that there is a thing called currency induced cost push inflation that occurs. That is a really bad dream. All this while the US Administration has New Years dreams put out, staying Roosevelt.

You have to ask yourself, why? We might not want to hear the answer.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here are some thoughts from John Williams’ He deserves your support.

– 2012 Saw Meaningful Degradation of Fiscal and Monetary Policies
and of Economic, Systemic and Political Stability
– 2013 Should Encompass a New‰ Recession, Dollar Turmoil, Rising Inflation
– A Tumble Off the Cliff Would Trigger Confidence Problems That Never Could Be Recovered Fully
– Revisions Due for Seasonally-Adjusted Unemployment Data

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

You see if it is offered as "Way Below Expectations" then of course it must be an aberration and things will be just dandy.

Conf Bd: Dec US Consumer Confidence Drops to 65.1, Well Below Expectations
By Kathleen Madigan
December 27, 2012, 10:00 a.m. ET

U.S. consumers, becoming more aware of the impact of the fiscal cliff, turned more downbeat about the future, dragging down over confidence this month according to a report released Thursday.

The Conference Board, a private research group, said its index of consumer confidence dropped to 65.1 in December from a revised 71.5 in November, first reported as 73.7.

The latest index is the lowest since August and is well below the 70.0 expected by economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires.

The decline was all in expectations. Consumer expectations for economic activity over the next six months plunged to 66.5 from a revised 80.9 which was much lower than the original reading of 85.1.

The board’s present situation index, a gauge of consumers’ assessment of current economic conditions, actually rose to 62.8 from a revised 57.4, first put at 56.6.

"The sudden turnaround in expectations was most likely caused by uncertainty surrounding the oncoming fiscal cliff," said Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at the board. "A similar decline in expectations was experienced in August of 2011 during the debt ceiling discussions."



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

A view from the Northland – an asset for the Cando.

Avoid the Fiscal Cliff – Economic Freedom Speech – Pierre Poilievre

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here are a few comments from the NYSE on today’s news.

Fiscal cliff update: This morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sounded a tad bit pessimistic when he said, "it looks like we’re heading over the fiscal cliff." 

The Treasury confirmed that it would hit its legal borrowing cap on Monday, triggering a series of emergency measures to keep the government running for a few more weeks if necessary.

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here is something that has nothing to do with adoptions. This is an answer back to a US law which was supposedly directed at anti-Russian corruption.

Those that have the gold have always and will continue to make the rules. That would indicate that the Brics and Asia are going to take over economically from the West going forward.

These two events, the US law and Russia’s retort (adoption) will mark the beginning of the economic hot war between the two forces.

The euro will go with Russia and the BRICs. The dollar will go down against this economic triumvirate. If the US continues to forcibly police the world over economic issues labelled as humanitarian, Putin will do to the West what Volcker did to Russia and China economically.

This new Russian law has nothing whatsoever to do with adoptions. It has to do with gold as the ultimate currency finding an alarm, not convertible relationship with the coming Euroland/BRICs block.

Stay the course as the gold move is yet to come. You are watching a thrust. Wait until you see how gold will parry that thrust.

Like to the now famous $1650 line in the sand, $2111 and rotating at $4000 angels are gaining strength.

Putin Says He Will Sign Bill Banning Americans From Adopting Russian Children BREAKING NEWS Thursday, December 27, 2012 8:28 AM EST

President Vladimir V. Putin said Thursday that he will sign into a law a ban on adoptions of Russian children by American citizens, retaliating against an American law that punishes Russians accused of violating human rights and dealing a potentially grave setback to bilateral relations.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The sure thing, going into 2013 is that the little one will disappear into history for all practical purposes as the big one gets enormous.