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There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword, the other is by debt.
–John Adams 1826

The Great Train Robbery in Gold and Silver

We were discussing gold over dinner. It sure looks like the elitists are about to attempt the great train robbery in gold.

All the rumors are crap. This is the biggest manipulative play in gold ever. The only good part is as soon as the criminals have their positions filled, we are off to $3500 and above.

The following is a video of our discussion

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Where have our heroes gone? When did honor become so old fashioned? Today’s so called heroes are Wall Street slime.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

I could write you a tome, but why? The surf is the fundamental case for gold. The people are MSM influenced sheeple.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The news and markets of today are a review of such horrid misdeeds, outright lies, and blatant criminal activity It is such a relief to see love that seeks nothing in return.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here is a cure for runaway medical costs. Cull the geezers.

Doctors could face 27 percent Medicare cut
Associated Press

(AP:WASHINGTON) Medicare is warning doctors _ and millions of elderly patients _ that payments will be slashed next year unless Congress acts soon.

The potential 27 percent cut to doctors effective Jan. 1 is the consequence of a 1990s budget law gone awry. In the past, Congress has routinely waived the cuts. But the problem just returns every year _ Medicare’s own version of a "fiscal cliff."

Solving it this time is more complicated because of the political impasse over deficits, taxes and spending. Although the formal notice from Medicare on Wednesday was expected, it increased worries for medical groups.

The American Medical Association says Medicare would be devastated if the cuts go through, and advocacy groups such as AARP agree. Many doctors might stop taking new Medicare patients.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Either now or later, the can will get kicked again.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

We have heard from reliable sources that the Mayan Calendar was actually created by their enlightened economists. It spoke to the present time, by default, reserve currency known now as the dollar.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

There is no resiliency in Western world economics able to handle such an event. The US dollar has been drawing a picture of a major price readjustment. Just as reputation of management is important criterion for the valuation of the company equity, so is reputation of management to the valuation of the common share of the USA, the dollar.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Soon we will devise a new inflation measurement designed so that inflation will never occur again in the history of man regardless of rising prices.

What a new inflation measure would mean for your wallet
By Annalyn Kurtz @CNNMoney December 19, 2012: 7:20 AM ET

President Obama put a new offer on the table in the fiscal cliff negotiations, and it includes a wonky change that may raise your taxes and reduce your Social Security benefits … a little.

The proposal centers around how the U.S. government calculates inflation.

The government currently measures price increases using the Consumer Price Index, which tracks a broad basket of consumer goods. That measure is also used to determine increases in tax brackets and cost-of-living adjustments for retirees receiving Social Security benefits.

But some critics say the government is overstating inflation. In reality, when prices rise, consumers turn to alternatives instead of paying more. So for example, if prices rise significantly on beef, they may buy chicken instead.

Enter "chained CPI," a separate measure that accounts for such substitutions, and therefore paints what some call a more realistic picture of inflation’s impact on consumers.

President Obama is proposing the government use chained CPI to calculate things like Social Security cost of living increases and income tax brackets.