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Dear EP,

As long as this French curve up trend line holds you are safe as gold remains in the long term up trend.

For more short term try to get touch points for a Bezier Curve downtrend on each reaction and examine how it works looking back.




The plot thickens. An observant individual can actually watch in slow motion what history will state in warp speed.


Palestine envoy says Beijing backs U.N. entry
chinamedia.com / By Michael Martina / November 24, 2012
BEIJING (Reuters) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ envoy to China said on Friday that Beijing backs their United Nations membership bid, a day after France indicated it would support a diplomatic upgrade for Palestine.
Bassam al-Salhi, in China on a three-day trip to discuss tensions in Gaza, echoed earlier calls from China’s Foreign Ministry that Beijing would support Palestinian statehood and its entry into the United Nations.
“They (China) support the Palestinian right for ending occupation and building a Palestinian state ..and support the bid of the Palestinian membership in the United Nations,” Salhi told Reuters in an interview after meeting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.
China’s official Xinhua new agency quoted Yang as saying China “supports Palestine’s entry into the United Nations and other international organizations and understands, respects and backs Palestine’s bid for the U.N. observer status”.
After their drive for full U.N. membership failed in the U.N. Security Council last year amid U.S. opposition, the Palestinians have launched a watered-down bid for recognition as a “non-member state”, similar to the Vatican’s U.N. status.


The Left wants to take your kids too if they don’t have enough government approved "diversity" in their lives.

CIGA Rusty Bayonet

3 children removed from UK foster parents because of their political beliefs
Associated Press – Saturday, November 24, 2012

LONDON – Britain’s education secretary says he will investigate how local officials removed three children from their foster family because of concerns about the parents’ political beliefs.

The Rotherham borough council sparked criticism Saturday when it was revealed that its social workers removed the children, who are European migrants, because their foster parents are members of the right-wing U.K. Independence Party.

The party wants Britain to withdraw from the EU and favours immigration curbs. Social workers said they were concerned that the children’s "cultural and ethnic needs" may not be met in the foster family.

Education Secretary Michael Gove condemned the decision as arbitrary and indefensible, saying that political beliefs should not stop anyone from fostering children.



I know you already responded to CIGA Krishnan in regards to the commentary about America as the biggest oil/energy producer because of shale gas/petroleum, but here is an interesting/eye-opening write-up from the NY Times on leaked documents, showing real proof of MSM MOPE and ponzi schemes:


Thanks for all you do,



I purchased 3,000 shares and asked that shares be registered in my name. I was told that this was very expensive and could take 4-8 months in the response below!!!

Your thoughts?


Dear Ken,

There is no such charge by the company or transfer agent. That was made up by your broker after reading DTCC (the system) website and is totally incorrect. It might take 2 weeks.

Please feel free to give your brain dead broker my message.




As I suspected, it is getting more and more prohibitive in terms of costs to issue certificates and some companies do not have transfer agents who will even issue physical certificates. TRX is one of those companies. Our charge is $500 to have the SLW shares issued. You have the option of having the stock moved via the Direct Registration System to SLW’s transfer agent. It is possible that the transfer agent itself would charge less than our firm to have the SLW issued. That’s about the best idea I can come up with at this point.  Give Cheryl or me a call if you have need further clarification.

Anonymous Broker


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here is the reply to my note posted earlier.


I am packing these extra clothes in my luggage when I come over to Tanzania in case it’s necessary.




Hi Jim,

I have penned a response objecting to your comments that there will be no Gold confiscation and published it both on Silver Doctors and at Rickackerman.com where you can see my remarks under the name "Farmer". These comments are sincere however they are primarily intended to foster a deeper discussion of the subject so do not be offended by my assertion that you are wrong.

(But you are wrong this time)


Dear Farmer,

That is no problem whatsoever because, in my very humble opinion, I am right.

All the best,


Dear Jim,

Hope all is well with you and the whole crew!

A graph is worth a thousand words, and this ratio tells it all.

All of the best,

Key excerpt:

In the first four years of his term Obama increased the Federal Debt by more than 45%, however, with more than $5 Trillion spent in promoting everything from solar panels to housing, the economy only grew by 7.1% during the same time frame (or a total of $905 Billion.)

In other words it took more than $5.60 of debt to create $1 of economic growth.

Saluti – Kind Regards

Full article Written by Lance Roberts on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012

‘The Next Four Years Won’t Be As Good As The Last ones’


Dear Jim,

On Monday I suffered a psychotic break and in an act of unreasoning fear sold my family’s gold and silver stocks which I had accumulated patiently over five years.

I am now deservedly suffering all-encompassing remorse of conscience. Words like traitor, deserter, coward, killer come to mind.

Is there any hope for me? In abject humility I beseech you for help.


Dear Tom,

Sometime a person must do whatever is required to simply stop the pain. You did what you had to do. Clearly your position was too large for your emotions.

You have two alternatives. Stay out, and therefore stay out of pain that accompanies gold to new all time highs, or buy back 1/3 in bullion or shares, and stop watching it.

Your friend who completely understands,



Thank you for your sage advice. I’ve been in gold and miners since 2000. You are the most knowledgeable and interesting person in the gold community. Please don’t dismiss my often pressed question, when can manipulation of gold and silver markets end?

Aloha and Mahalo,


It will NEVER end, but like in 1979/80 it will turn to the bull side.