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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

On the lighter side, here is a letter to a stockholder as he embarks for Africa now as a consultant to my company. Yes he is a friend.


Do we have a current inventory of first aid supplies at Buckreef, especially anti-venom kits? I’d like to find out if we need to order any emergency supplies before our teams start taking to the field in January.


Dear Tom,

In answer to your inquiry:

-Puff Aders
-Black Mambas
-Boom Slangs

There is a sign in the dispensary that if bitten by these common residents (pictures of the snakes so you recognize them) bend over and kiss your south end goodbye.

They are all between 2 and 8 foot snakes. That means after you are invenomated you can get 2 to 8 feet away feet before you fall dead. After that you will have nothing to worry about.

What is an anti-venom? Is that something like anti-matter?

The reason for having a large team to start is so that upon your return you can still have a small team or someone will bring you back to camp as was done for Dr. Livingston in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

If you will register your religion proper words will be said. If you do not believe in God, 5 minutes of silence will be respected. If you believe in the Force then you will be cremated in a Yoda suit.

Enjoy! We have everything covered.


Hi Jim,

What are your thoughts on the claim that the Basel banking committee are going to require banks to consider gold as currency?

CIGA Anonymous


They are not going to do that, but they will take gold to qualify as a tier one asset which is what currency is.



Dear Mr. Sinclair,

I am an Italian who has read your site every day for more than 2 years now; it has been sooo valuable for me, and i’m sure it will be the same in the future.

My question is:

You often have spoken about what you think of the future price of gold: $3500 minimum. What about the price in euros? Today it is at 1350. Do you see the same fate of the US dollar???

Thanks again; You are a light in a dark tunnel.

With respect and gratitude,
CIGA Andrea

Dear Andrea,

I may be the only euro bull in the West. The percentage gain in the euro will be modest as compared to the percentage gain in gold. I am bullish of the Swiss for similar reasons being tied to the euro at approximately 1.20.



Dear Jim,

Recently there has been articles in MSM about the emergence of America as the biggest oil/energy producer because of shale gas/petroleum. Some see the dollar strengthening as a result and a new golden age.

1.Do you think there is an overestimation of supply? Right now it is no more than an informed buy wild arm wave.

2. Can the dollar strengthen with all the debt and derivatives issued even if it is true? In the time frame required to maybe get to self sufficiency the dollar as the reserve currency will be history.

Thank you,
CIGA Krishnan


There will be many turns and twists, political and land use wise, if the US ever gets to this level.

The MSM on this started with a passion a few weeks prior to election. Right now and into the medium future this is not a factor whatsoever.

Right now US self sufficient oil production is pure MOPE first for the incumbent and secondarily to try to buoy markets.