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The demands of the body have to be satisfied. Society has to be served. Family responsibilities have to be discharged. The body is the basis for all these. But this should not be the ultimate goal of life.

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For those who seek to venture into the real math of TA, not the default computer server hog wash, here is something you might consider mind boggling but it works like a laser tool in understanding forward possibilities of everything tradable. Here is an advanced resource that will boggle your mind and, if properly applied, stuff your cash box.

If you think you are dust, dust you are. If you think you are fundamentally divine, divine you will be.

Do not say "I can’t understand this," because you can. As you toggle down you will find a simple tool that takes all this math and gives you instant application which is called the Golden Mean Gauge. Even a manipulation is still a market that you can know.

Now move from student to Master on your own energy

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Pi, Phi and Fibonacci
May 15, 2012

Pi, Phi and Fibonacci Numbers

Phi (Φ) and pi (Π) and Fibonacci numbers can be related in several ways:

The Pi-Phi Product and its derivation through limits

The product of phi and pi,

1.618033988…  X  3.141592654…,  or  5.083203692,

is found in golden geometries:

Golden Circle

Golden Ellipse

clip_image002 clip_image003

Circumference =
p clip_image004

Area =
p clip_image004[1]

Ed Oberg and Jay A. Johnson have developed a unique expression for the pi-phi product (pΦ) as a function of the number 2 and an expression they call “The Biwabik Sum,”a function of  phi, the set of all odd numbers and the set of all Fibonacci numbers, as follows:

p Phi = 2² {1

+ [ (2/3) / (F1+F2 Phi) + (1/5) / (F3+F4 Phi) – (1/7) / (F5+F6 Phi) ]


-  [ (2/9) / (F7+F8 Phi) + (1/11) / (F9+F10 Phi) – (1/13) / (F11+F12 Phi) ]


+ [ (2/15) / (F13+F14 Phi) + (1/17) / (F15+F16 Phi) – (1/19) / (F17+F18 Phi) ]


– … }


= 5.083203692….

This relationship was derived after Oberg noticed an interesting relationship between pi and phi while contemplating geometric questions related to the location of the King and Queen’s burial chambers in the Great Pyramid, Cheops, of Giza, Egypt, the design of which is based on phi.You can access the complete paper published by Ed Oberg and Jay A. Johnson, The Pi-Phi Product, in Word, or the Pi-Phi Product in Excel to see their formulation illustrated numerically.



The Golden Mean

In case you were put to sleep on the article concerning Da Vinci’s work on the Golden Mean, it all boils down to this little gauge.

I have no connection with the people who sell the programs and tools other than being a client. I accept nothing from a resource I give you directly or tangentially.


Golden Mean Gauges


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

This is so right it demands to be posted.

Quelle Surprise! New York Fed Chair Dudley Confirms that TBTF Lives, Big Firms Still Can’t Be Resolved
Friday, November 16, 2012

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The New York Fed’s William Dudley gave a surprisingly candid, meaning not positive, assessment of the state of the Too Big to Fail problem in a speech yesterday at the Clearing House’s Second Annual Business Meeting and Conference. From the text of his speech (hat tip Richard Smith):

Because no plausible level of capital and liquidity standards will be sufficient to reduce the probability of failure to zero, it also makes sense to work on the other major margin—to reduce the cost of the failure of a large, complex financial firm. We can do this by making changes so that such failures are less likely to impair the functioning of the broader financial system. In this area, although many initiatives are in train, I would conclude that we are still very far from where we need to be.

Dudley then tells the audience that there are some constraints in Dodd Frank on the ability of systemically important firms to get bigger (but he’s clearly hoping, rather than certain, that these measures will be effective). He also says the Fed is in the process of mapping interconnectedness. This is a really important measure. I had asked why this wasn’t made a top priority as soon as Bear was rescued, because the reason for preventing a collapse was no one had the foggiest idea of how bad the collateral damage would be (pun intended). I suppose four years late is better than never.

Back to the speech (emphasis ours):


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Just like monetary stimulation, more and more power is required on each period of application. Failing that, the entire program goes sterile.

DuPont-Dow Corn Defeated by Armyworms in Florida: Study
By Jack Kaskey – Nov 16, 2012 1:33 PM MT

Fall armyworms in southern Florida survived a pesticide engineered into corn by Dow Chemical Co. (DOW) and DuPont Co., the second insect to show signs of resistance to genetically modified crops in the U.S., according to a study.

Fall armyworms ate the leaves of corn engineered to produce an insecticidal protein and lived, according to 2012 field trial data presented Nov. 13 at a conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. The protein is marketed by Dow and DuPont as Herculex.

“This is most likely field resistance,” Fangneng Huang, an assistant professor at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, said at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America.

The study follows last year’s discovery in Iowa that rootworms have developed resistance to Monsanto Co. (MON)’s corn. Concern that the insecticides are failing is prompting farmers to apply more chemicals, unwinding the primary environmental benefit of pest-fighting crops, Michael Gray, an entomologist at the University of Illinois in Urbana, said in a Nov. 14 presentation at the conference.

Fall armyworms, the caterpillar stage of a moth, got the name because infestations move between fields like a marching army, typically in autumn. The insect can survive U.S. winters only in southern Florida and Texas, limiting its range as a pest to the southeast.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Arab Spring was welcomed with glee by Bloomberg’s money bunnies and MSM is a disaster to the West’s interests.

It was a disaster when it happened, it is a disaster now and it will be a disaster in the future.

Report: Rockets Fired from Egypt Hit Israel
7:27 PM, Nov 16, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER

Two major Israeli newspapers are reporting that rockets fired from Egypt have hit Israel.

"Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula launched rockets into Israel Friday night," reports the Jerusalem Post. "The rockets fell near an Israeli village on the southern border, causing some damage, but no injuries."

The Israeli daily Haaretz reports, "Rockets fired from direction of Egypt toward Eshkol Regional Council."

It appears no damage was reported in connection with the rocket fire from Egypt. Earlier today, the Egyptian prime minister visited Gaza to express solidarity with the Palestinians there.

This new front comes a day after a rocket landed near Tel Aviv and on the same day Israel’s capital Jerusalem was the target of rocket fire. Those attacks were courtesy of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

"After Tel Aviv metropolitan area, capital under fire too: An air raid siren was sounded in Jerusalem and surrounding communities early Friday evening. After residents reported hearing blast sounds, security forces confirmed that one rocket had landed in the Gush Etzion area near a Palestinian village," Ynet reports.

"There were no reports of injuries or damage. This was the first air raid siren sounded in the area since the IDF launched Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip. Air raid sirens were sounded in southern communities throughout the day and a barrage of missiles hit the area."