America Votes for National Suicide

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

I would not argue with Trader Dan mainly because he is right. All I would add is "In time,” rather than “tomorrow."

Dear CIGAs,

Those on the left who read my columns will of course take exception with the title I have deliberately chosen, but that is and was a given. So let me start this by saying that I believe their euphoria at having seen their man win, will be short-lived, faced with the extreme problems facing this nation and their utter lack of anything that remotely resembles a plan to deal with them other than the usual class warfare tact of "soaking the rich" further and further enlarging the size and scope of an increasingly intrusive Federal Government.

I have written on this site repeatedly that the problems afflicting the US economy cannot and will not ever be solved by Uncle Ben Bernanke’s alchemy of turning paper into "money" and multiplying it in ever larger doses. What ails the US is structural or deep seated. To tackle that involves a serious plan, a plan which by its very nature will involve making choices that will surely bring about some short-term pain but which would put the nation on a sound footing for long term growth and lasting prosperity. Foremost among this is reducing the spending binge in Washington DC and getting America’s fiscal house in order. That WILL NOT HAPPEN now that the profligate spender Obama has been re-elected. He has no serious plan to reduce the deficit and never has. One can tax the "rich" into oblivion but even confiscating the entirety of their wealth would not so much as to put a dent into the burgeoning national debt.

Business owners, particularly small business owners, the backbone of this nation’s economic health and the primary source of all job creation, had been holding their breath, hoping against hope, that the nation would be delivered from its national nightmare. They either went to bed last evening or arose early this morning to learn, much to their consternation and dismay, that the nightmare will continue for four more long years. A system of nationalized healthcare, with the IRS being the chief enforcers of the penalty for non-compliance now awaits them along with a set of growing, job-killing regulations guaranteed to put further burdens upon them. Not only that, the beginning of the year 2013, will see a massive set of tax hikes hit the nation, further depressing economic activity.

An energy rich nation, blessed by Providence with an abundance of oil, will see its federal lands shut off to any drilling. Any hope for a pipeline delivering Canadian crude to the lower 48 has now withered and died on the vine. China – enjoy that Canadian oil because we are not going to see any of it.

The Dollar, while getting a respite today due to the fact that a near panic has seized upon the investor class, is destined to further weaken, resulting in higher prices for the basics of life such as food and energy. The fiscal cliff is drawing ever nearer with the very real possibility, nay strike that, probability, that the rating agencies will further downgrade the US credit standing.