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Hello Jim,

I am older than you, so I think that I may appropriately address you by your given name.  You have been with me from the beginning, ever since you nobly started your website.  I have checked your website daily for what seems like about 10 years now.  I have no questions to ask, since I have successfully strived to master your lessons over this period of time. Your recent efforts to explain spread trading and how it is used to manipulate the markets has been very useful to me and to so many others. By your generosity of both time and money, an educational process has taken place that may very well defeat the efforts of those who seek to pick our pockets. No serious investor in precious metals is unaware of your website, and because of that, you have mobilized a sizeable force of warriors now enabled to thwart the game plan of the banksters.  So thank you for what you are doing, and keep up the good work.  Dan Norcini and I have become good friends thanks to you.  Next week my wife of 45 years and I will head down to our Arizona teepee for the winter, but we will stay tuned to your station all the way down and while we are there.  Now please hit the delete button, and get back to work!




Items 5, 6 and 11 are the most important ingredients in this equation. Once the listener understands and comprehends these, the rest takes care of itself.

Thanks again for all,

My Dear Extended Family,

1. The entire reason that I launched into the explanation of spread trading was to demonstrate how it is used to manipulate markets.
2. Recognizing the multiple blocks at $1775 and $1800, it was obvious a line was being drawn in the sand.
3. In that market situation a reaction was reasonable to anticipate.
4. I wanted to drive home to you the fact that all the market drama as seen today is manufactured by the gold banks.
5. QE cannot stop or the economic implosion would blow up your computer screen.
6. If some nitwit Chairman tried to stop QE you would have a few days of dollar strength followed by a collapse of the currency based on the economic implications.
7. Then gold’s highest possible estimates would come into focus as the downward spiral already in place in the Western world did in fact present itself as a black hole.
8. The event horizon to a total collapse is QE to infinity, as was anticipated.
9. QE’s focus is to prevent financial balance sheet collapse both privately and publicly internationally.
10. Jobs are only created the way Roosevelt did it, and that was by Federal invention of jobs if required when conditions are as they are now. Remember the conservation corp and all the make-work jobs that were invented in the 30s?
11. The thought that any candidate can change the present situation is intellectual garbage of those who do not even know there is economic law. Once violated, those laws brings consequences.
12. This, like all reactions, will be completed when it is completed, and that will be soon.
13. You could see the spread cartel working all day.
14. Do not be stampeded into turning over your gold investments to the greedy shorts now open mouthed and waiting like a wolf for its prey.
15. Simply ignore this, taking my hand in the knowledge that this is no different from the many similar plays made by exactly the same people all the way from $248 to the $1900s.
16. Email me if you are confused or simply need my help.
17. I will personally return your communications, answering your questions.
18. Gold is going to and through $3500 and those that find this humorous are the same people that laughed and scorned me at $529.40 when I told you that the very long term breakout had occurred, the strongest magnet among all was $1650 and gold would trade there and above.

Please shut off your quote machine and email me before your emotions drive you wild and directly into the mouth of the wolf, the short spreader.


Hello Jim,

I thought you’d find this interesting. I just saw this on my bank statement. It’s scary as they are saying that I will not be able to withdraw more than $310 per day from my account using my debit card. What are they getting ready for, a bank holiday?

Effective November 1, 2012, your daily ATM withdrawal limit for your debit card or ATM card(s) will be $310 and your daily purchase/point-of-sale (POS) limit will be $2,500.

I have 5 personal accounts and 2 business accounts at this bank.



Yes, that is exactly what an action like that is in anticipation of. What else in the world other than a run on the ban would you limit withdrawals for?

I would withdraw all my funds except required for 6 months eating money and buy gold one ounce coins.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

If you wish to see in black and white why neither candidate has any room to maneuver financially, study what CIGA Kevin has sent to us all.


For those that do not believe things are not sustainable it is all there for them to see in black and white on the US Treasury website.  Here is the link to the 2011 financial statements of the United States.


I have included the opening letter from Tim G. and included the audit opinion from the GAO as attachments. Here at the bank I work for, a loan request from an entity with qualified opinions and this type of financial statement would be DOA. To the government’s credit, they actually now disclose the $34 trillion unfunded liabilities fairly early in the report.  From just a superficial glance one can see that the reported change in the financial position of the US in 2011 was a negative $3 trillion, not the $1 trillion “budget deficit.” It’s all there in their own reports. The gold community is not making this stuff up as some sort of hidden conspiracy.  This is the most basic report any creditor would/should review.  Just the actual report is scarier than anything I have read in the community’s own writings.  Worse yet, one must assume that those preparing these reports are under enormous pressure to make them look as good as possible.

Reading the actual reports from the BLS on unemployment and CPI are equally revealing. It is all there to read.  The glossaries, definitions, interventions, adjustments and hedonic studies are remarkable.  The genius of the statistical fabrication is unparalleled.

CIGA Kevin

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Thanks to CIGA DA.

It points out your first major support in this manufactured decline.



Dear CIGAs,

Yawn. Another chart. So? What does it mean?

For starters, and for those who remain undistracted by the Punch & Judy politics of the day, it simply means: THIS trend is NOT your friend! (Well, if you’re holding paper assets, that is.)
1. Look at the trend of fiat currencies being debauched.
2. As the ‘printing’ of more currency increases, each unit of currency loses purchasing power.
3. This ‘creation’ of currency is trending towards currency collapse. It will be epic.
4. Gold (and Silver) are both protection and insurance against Government/Central Bank malfeasance, and as more people understand this to be the case and the fractional/notional paper ponzi-scheme unwinds:
– the more panicked Governments/Central Banks become, 
– the more violent their ‘fabricated’ markets become, 
– and the more they seek control of physical assets while dumping their paper assets.

In conclusion:

1. Governments did not ‘save’ anyone from Katrina, but FEMA arrived with body bags afterwards. There is no Government financial FEMA.
2. Central Banks won’t bother with body bags in a financial Katrina. Don’t even expect a Monty Python-esque "bring out yer dead" from them.
3. Become your own Central Bank while there is some time.



Good morning Jim,

I read your piece about the Gold Bank rumor of yesterday.  The rumor is laughable!

For my own edification, over the last week I have been asking social acquaintances if they own Gold in ANY way.

I would suggest your readers try this little social experiment.  It should set their minds at ease knowing how under owned Gold truly is as an asset.

CIGA George

The Global Trend of Economic Stimulation, Bailouts, and Currency Devaluation

While the perma bears embrace the deflationary argument of lower equity and gold prices, they ignore the fact that the world is heading down an inflationary path defined by endless stimulus, bailouts, and currency devaluation.  A growing number of citizens of Western economies understand this path as falling standard of livings from previous generations.

Headline:  Japan plans $5B stimulus package

TOKYO, Oct. 24 (UPI) — The Japanese government is planning a stimulus of more than $5 billion to spur the economy, whose recovery is slowing, sources told Kyodo News.

The policy stimulus package was doubled from the previously planned $2.5 billion.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda‘s Cabinet is expected to approve the new package Friday, Kyodo reported. Japan’s economy was severely hit by the devastation from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Since then its export-reliant economy, the third largest in the world, also has been burdened by falling demand for its products due to the global slowdown

Source: upi.com



Dear Mr. Sinclair,

I was correct in saying in my last email to you that we would pay a price for your disclosure of gold pricing and now it seems on how the bullion banks make their money. It is predictable and as one who DOES NOT TRADE (I listen very carefully to what you say), I do use it to my advantage to purchase coins for my collection or purchase good solid gold stocks when they sell at a lower cost.

On another topic, I have been doing a number of little things to knock items off my “bucket list” given this is my 52 year of life and my father died at 52.  I am fortunate to have  a good job, great kids and family.  I also do not spend all of what I earn and do not have expensive tastes.  Hence there are always a few gold coins in the fish bowl for use for a rainy day.

So to make a long story short, if you are planning another trip to Tanzania in the future I would very much like to come along.  Please keep that in mind.

Thanks for taking the time to help so many people.

Yours truly,
CIGA Stephen


The price I pay is time because I am dedicated to answering all incoming emails personally all day and night until the surge is completed.

I will let you know next time we plan a trip to Tanzania. You most certainly will be invited to join me for a week and two weekends.