Don’t Try To Be A Spread Trader

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My Dear Friends,

Teaching you via what the gold industry does as spread traders to rig the market for private gain now has a very serious purpose. That is not to make you spread traders. I teach you this so you know why I have had and still have the courage to ignore the manufactured reactions.

That recent 32,000 long contract sale that drove the market lower in minutes was not some major investor getting out because he/she feared the end of the gold market. That sale was the Hammer of Thor type selling of the long side of a spread opening up the short side at risk for gain. That 32,000 sale was the industry picking your pockets, knowing full well gold was going higher.

The commercial signals are tool of the commercial spread traders. That is why they have been right. You make them right by following them religiously. That is all this present reaction is about.

It is a total charade that in the 1970s I personally turned right on its ass. Someone will soon realize the illusion that the manipulator makes and then flip them on their rear end by a reverse spread tactic. Someday soon 32,000 gold contracts will come in selling like the Hammer of Thor. The reverse spread will be ready for them, having announced their plans in the COT. The manipulators, being smart as it gets, will join the bull side manipulating gold to at least $3500, but maybe $12,400. That is what happened in the 1970s and will happen now. I know because I did it and broke gold for the second time above $400. It never looked back until $887.50.

My spread was 22,000 contracts. There are people in the community that offer bearish opinions who are widely read who are sponsored by the gold industry spread traders. They buy subscriptions, and hire consultants.