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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here is a letter to a son.

Dear Son,

When you are piloting a twin engine helicopter into a landing site at 12,000" AGL with a service ceiling at 11,500" AGL to pick up a diamond mine’s weekly production has to be joy of all joys for you.

When my pontoons on the Dehavalind Beaver touched the water on a placid lake in the Maine wilderness under Mt. Katagin, my heart would sign.

When I flew into Moose Head Lake with two feet white caps successfully, I was twice as happy.

When I fell out of the air 6 times, and did the necessary to regain flight, I was totally ecstatic

Your children are precious. Pleasure in life takes many different forms. All our futures have their foundation in gold.

Be happy!




A neighbors domesticated dog did this to my son’s leg as he skateboarded in the street in front of their house about a month ago. Sometimes they gotta go. I wonder if I can get him 600k.

Boss Frog

Dear Boss Frog,

Killing the animal is the answer? Why not severely punish the dog’s person for not training the dog? I agree with that course of action knowing many dog owners that really do not give a damn.

A security dog of mine is trained to attack and wears a muzzel when outside. The people knew they had a biter. Any claim to the contary is raving BS.
If you demand that the dog be killed you might check to see if some kid’s hearts will not be broken in the process. Your son was bitten and that is very bad, but what you are up to might kill a person’s heart in retribution for your sons wound.

No matter how right you think you are we all have to pay for the pain we inflict on others, I am sure animals included. The owners did nothing to help the animal learn proper behavior and yes, for that you can get $600,000 or more out of the owners in this legal system.



Hi Jim,

I must confess that the $1775 line in the sand had baffled me a bit as I did not have that level on my radar. But it did make me go back and re-evaluate my work to see what I missed. Turns out the answer has been right in front of us for years.

Every level of resistance in gold going back to when it was priced at $200 is harmonically linked to the price of $1775 and of course beyond. It should come as no surprise that the next level of resistance will be found just below $2000.

clip_image002[5]Gold is just following along its universal harmonic. Now whether the "powers to be" are aware of this and take advantage or if they are just pawns of the universe I do not know. Everyone should calm down and rest easy and let nature run its course, which it most surely will when it explodes through this line just as it has done each time previously.

Hey did I read that picture right? Do you have an amphibious car? Surely at least one of your furry pals must like to motor on the water with you…



Dear Mr. Sinclair,

I follow your blog every day, having been turned on to JSMineset by a dear friend and neighbor.  While I am by no stretch of the imagination a trader, economist, nor do I profess to understand much about the commodities or stock market, or anything else on those financial news channels that my crazy father in law watches in closed caption all day long, I like to believe I am smart enough to see the writing on the wall.  I am a big believer in "duck and cover" in these interesting times.

What advice do you give an educated professional, married father of three little kids and two loving Labrador Retrievers, who carries with him the middle-class burden of a mortgage, car payments, and obscene New York state taxes who by now has little to no faith in the banking system, the pieces of green paper in my wallet (dwindling by the day in an Economy of Obama) and someone who believes that physical precious metal is infinitely more secure than paper shares?  When I retreat into my hole, do I continue to trade monopoly money for metal or just "duck and cover?"

CIGA Patrick

Dear Patrick,

I would seek a lower cost location in the USA where employment for you is available. Having accomplished that, I would rent my home.

Renting with an option to buy is nice. I would conserve where it did not change my wife’s lifestyle.

Basically change before circumstances force you to change, and then you are in control.



Hi Jim,

Sound advice you give the clueless gold longs to turn off the machine. But now that some are no longer with us, the gold bull can resume. Encouraging that it’s been 9 days that the gap at GLD 169.79 has not been filled. Also encouraged that GDX correction has been fairly minuscule as compared to history. But still may need 2 more weeks of corrective action.

CIGA Bernie


I agree on your timing. It is so crazy.

Thank God our community is not a tank group. The only gear they have is reverse.



Dear Jim,

If it’s a ‘bailout which ship is being ‘bailed’ to stay afloat?


Dear Anon,

All the experts who expect Germany to dump the euro are as deep intellectually as a plastic warm kiddy pool.

You hit the bulls eye, but then you usually do.

Germany for German’s sake will help in providing every dollar required. In front of them is the US Fed who will do the same.

Gold lower and staying lower is total madness. Gold is going to $3500 and beyond.




If all else fails there’s a place for you in stand up.

But where do I go?



Dear Jim,

Here is a report from GATA!

CIGA Arlen


No, it cannot. I can guarantee when the right thing is done or what you now have explodes that what is replaced will last for many decades. There is no practical fix to this mess making gold’s decline a form of a joke.


Steve Forbes: Gold can save us from disaster
Submitted by cpowell on 01:31PM ET Tuesday, October 9, 2012. Section: Daily Dispatches
4:27p ET Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

In commentary published in the new edition of Forbes magazine, editor and publisher Steve Forbes endorses both a gold standard and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s proposed legislation to facilitate competition in currencies. In support of the latter, Forbes cites the prosecution of Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von Not Haus. Forbes’ commentary is headlined "Gold Can Save Us from Disaster" and it’s posted at the Forbes Internet site here:


CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.


Here is a story that the vast majority of Americans (who would even read it) will simply not grasp.

Deposits in Norwegian Krone or Swiss Francs mean nothing to people who have been brainwashed for years by the MSM MOPE about the almighty dollar.

How long before US Regulators withdrawal limits, floating Nav’s and other restrictions on money market funds? Capital Controls are coming, negative interest rates on deposits are coming, and the sheeple slumber on.

Only the truly ignorant and uninformed believe it couldn’t happen here.

Thanks for all you do to educate us.


Depositors Fleeing Euro Get Negative Rates at State Street
By Bradley Keoun – Oct 9, 2012 2:23 PM MT

State Street Corp. (STT) and Bank of New York Mellon Corp., two of the world’s biggest custody banks, will charge depositors to hold Danish kroner and Swiss francs as customers seek refuge from the crisis-stricken euro.

State Street will apply a negative interest rate of 0.75 percent annually to krone deposits starting Nov. 1, with a separate charge for francs, according to a note to clients last week. That means money managers, insurance companies and pension funds must pay the bank to hold their cash. BNY Mellon started charging for krone deposits last month, a person with knowledge of the matter said. The lender isn’t charging for francs.


Mr. Budders Has The Right Idea

One would have to be lounging in a warm dryer to have missed them. Judging the quality of explanations for today’s weakness in gold, Mr. Budder’s favorite lounging spot is quickly losing elbow room.

A massive wall of paper supply illustrated by collapsing money flows (chart 1) and lease spreads (chart 2) will be protecting the flanks of the economic illusion until November 6th. It’s all part of America’s new iPad App called "Worry Less, Spend More, and Vote For Me"

Short-term paper shenanigans won’t dissuade big money interests from accumulating weakness for a New York minute, but if that’s what it takes, go ahead and fool the fools.

Chart 1:  Gold London P.M Fixed and Gold Diffusion Index (DI)

Chart 2:  Gold Lease Spread Composite (GLSC) and Gold Price, USD


There were three body blocks Today at cash gold $1775.

Some political party does not want a run to $1900 plus going into the election.

With this clear intention to hold the line, $1775 gains significance as a manipulator’s line in the sand.

Gold and the euro are holding hands in the same direction.

Source:  jsmineset.com


Merkel Lands in Athens as Greek Debt Picture Darkens

Liquidity to infinity requires trust, cooperation, and above all confidence in leadership.  "Seven thousand police officers and rooftop snipers and commandos placed to provide protection for the German leader" suggests all three are heading in the wrong direction.  One impulsive mistake, an outcome consistently shown throughout human history, would not only derail global liquidity but also peace in a hurry.

Headline:  Merkel Lands in Athens as Greek Debt Picture Darkens

German Chancellor Angela Merkel landed in Greece on Tuesday morning to show support for the country, even as new data showed Greece’s debt situation was worsening and as two former Greek government ministers told CNBC, international lenders would have to restructure its debts yet again.

Seven thousand police officers and rooftop snipers and commandos were in place to provide protection for the German leader.

Thousands of protestors streamed into Syntagma square despite a ban on protests and a security lock down.

TV pictures showed protestors dressed as Nazi soldiers holding Nazi flags, while other protestors threw rocks at police who fired tear gas. Swelling anti-German sentiment in Greece has revived haunting memories of Greece’s Nazi occupation, which led to thousands of deaths.

Source: cnbc.com