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Dear Jim,

Draghi wrote an article for the German weekly, Die Zeit, "The Future of the Euro: Stability Through Change," after a brief discussion about the current situation in Europe as we know it, he cuts to the chase in the following passage:

"The ECB will do what is necessary to ensure price stability. It will remain independent. And it will always act within its mandate. Yet it should be understood that fulfilling our mandate sometimes requires us to go beyond standard monetary policy tools. When markets are fragmented or influenced by irrational fears, our monetary policy signals do not reach citizens evenly across the euro area. We have to fix such blockages to ensure a single monetary policy, and therefore price stability for all euro-area citizens. This may at times require exceptional measures. But this is our responsibility as the central bank of the euro area as a whole."

I don’t think it matters what the German court decides on September 12th.  Draghi is in the process of becoming Bernanke.

CIGA Kevin

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Hi Jim,

If my stock splits or my stock is taken over by another company, then do I have to get new paper certificates?  How long do I have to get new paper certificates?  Also, how is the same scenario played out in DRS?


Dear AJ,

Either in certificate or DRS you will get your dividend and stock splits automatically. When any company is taken over you must deliver your certificate or instruct DRS to deliver it to get paid. The documents of a takeover will give instructions for the only 3 ways stocks are held, Street Name, DRS or Certificate.




I talked again to a manager with Fidelity. They told me because your funds are in an IRA account it cannot be registered with Computershare. Do I call Computershare for help?  This I believed was rather simple on what you have said as well as your readers, but Fidelity is not cooperating. Any thoughts?

Best Regards,


JSMineset has defined the how on this at least 10 times. It requires the cooperation of your custodian or getting a new custodian.

The shares are certificated in the name of the custodian and the name of the beneficiary.

The custodian holds the certificate and there is no tax event.


Dear Jim,

I had the great pleasure of meeting you and speaking with you briefly at the GATA event in London last year.

Thought you might wish to know that my broker Saxobank refuses to deal with DR or stock certificates.  In following your website, I understood that stocks could be direct registered by contacting the transfer agent directly.  I asked if they would be so kind as to inform us how we can direct register our shares of Yamana Gold.

Here is their response:

We thank you for your recent inquiry.

Should you wish to have your holdings issued into your name directly, please contact your broker.  While Canadian Stock Transfer Company acts as Transfer Agent and Registrar, we maintain information and records pertaining to registered shareholders.  Once the shares have been registered into your name directly from your brokerage, we may assist you with your inquiries.

Please note, Canadian Stock Transfer Company is not involved with the buying and/or selling of shares.  This must be conducted through a brokerage.


Dear Ward,

I am shocked that any PM company would fail to help their shareholders find safety outside of the system. We are literally fighting the system for safety.

I would ask Yamana why they are not DRS, as it costs them nothing to be. DRS is one of the systems that all US listed companies are required to be part of.

Your bank/broker does not give a damn about you. Your only recourse is to lobby Yamana to join DRS so you can then successfully accomplish your rights as a stockholder being denied you by the system.

You really have no choice in this situation as you can fight, but you have no flight option right now.




I went to get a stock certificate issued in paper to me at options express. They are now charging $500!! Is there another way to do this??

CIGA Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

That charge is listed by the DTC system, but they do not issue certificates. Your broker made up the charge. The transfer agent, such as Computershare, does not charge for issuing certificates. You simply attended a tag sale and did not ask first how much they would tag from you.