Direct Registration

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary:

So far 4 out of every 5 investors who speak to their brokers and/or banks are talked out of direct registration by ignorance or lies.
Direct registration takes you out of the system.
Direct registration takes you off the balance sheet of the broker and/or clearinghouse.
Direct registration can increase protection for tax favored accounts.
However, how can I help people who will not help themselves and who fully know that they are rolling the dice on the integrity of their financial agent for theirs and their families’ financial survival?




Jim Sinclair’s Commentary:

This is an interesting position for all of you that believe assets held by your securities and commodity brokers are safe!

RED ALERT: It’s Open Season on All Customer Funds

“This ruling and precedent will be used by every brokerage, every bank, every insurance company and every pension fund to deny you your money when the financial system finally collapses, be it on Monday, or be it two years from now. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? You have GOT to GET OUT.”

by Ann Barnhardt,

The National Futures Association is collusion with the Banksters, government and judiciary and have achieved their goal. The entire concept of “customer segregated funds” is officially, completely, legally dead.

Guys, it is OVER. I know that many of you are still cowering in normalcy bias, unable to deal with reality, unable to face the world as it is, but you have GOT to snap out of it. The marketplace is DESTROYED. You CANNOT be in these markets. All legal protections are now officially gone.