Time To Get To Work

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My Dear Friends,

I am allowed to be tired at times so here are two briefs.


All the funds required to meet state and federal insolvencies will be produced here and there. Since the insolvencies are coming fast, so is QE to infinity with lots of spin and MOPE.

The price of gold will go to and through $3500. The physical demand for gold that has produced its resiliency comes from the robber barons with their trillions in fiat currency as well as central banks.

The short sellers:

A reasonable assumption of the population of stockholders for the 500 meaningful precious metals companies, from exploration to mid tier production, is 1,500,000 stockholders. Arab Spring came from organizing people of like mind and motivating them to take action using high tech methods. The chat rooms are a start even though they are a major tool of the manipulators via bashing. Every company out there should have a website set up by the stockholders to meet and organize. If there is not a legitimate stockholder site out there for your company, start one. The name of the site should be the name of the company stockholder forum. There are many tricks to get the stockholder’s site ranked highly on Google and other search engines.

Our Plans:

For every stockholder to complain to the regulators.
For every stockholder to complain to the exchanges their company is traded on.
For every stockholder to complain to the specialist in their respective share.
For every stockholder to complain to their CEO, realizing that to wake them up tough love may be required.
For every stockholder of ETFs in PMs to pressure the CEO of the PM ETF to cease lending their shares like a waterfall.
For every company to have an independent website from the company run website to organize stockholders on.
For every company to have at least one stockholder willing to legally demand his or her rights.

Right now communication and organization is the key to success. There are 1,500,000 sick stockholders out there so let’s stop complaining and get to work.