Sick Of The Manipulation Of Your Shares?

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Dear CIGAs,

Have you had enough of the manipulation of your gold and silver shares? The more noise we make the closer we come to getting the light shined on these evil people.

Complain about the raids of your investments by short sellers if you have witnessed it.

Hi Jim,

Looking at quite a few issues this afternoon, this same phenomenon occurred with huge volumes right at the close or even trading after the close. THIS is the biggest, most blatant and in your face manipulation since this whole fiasco started. I entered the PM arena in 1998 and thought that I had seen it all. Apparently not! Of course, we will not hear anything from the regulators but we must yell louder and louder. To suffer in silence is madness and cowardly.


Dear Bill,

I am asking my readers that if any gold shares they hold were sneak attacked after the close tonight that they raise total hell with both the regulators and the exchange.

I am asking for 400,000 complaints on Monday morning. Suffering in silence is madness. These people do not want sunlight on themselves so our only weapon is to turn as much light on as we can.

Dear Friends,

Please complain about the blatant manipulation of your company today to the following:


Amex –