China Flips The Finger To Wall Street

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Dear CIGAs,

The following article appeared today on Reuters which is well worth your read. In a move that illustrates the growing clout of China, approval was granted by the US Government for it to bid DIRECTLY through the auction system of the US Treasury, completely bypassing the PRIMARY DEALER BANKS.

My guess is that the Chinese were sick and tired of being front-run by these unscrupulous banks and issued a stern but quiet demand to either allow them to go this route, OR ELSE!

This further underscores the fact of the growing economic clout of China and just how utterly dependent our nation has become on its funding of our outrageous and downright contemptible indebtedness.

Exclusive: U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders
By Emily Flitter

NEW YORK | Mon May 21, 2012 3:35pm EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) – China can now bypass Wall Street when buying U.S. government debt and go straight to the U.S. Treasury, in what is the Treasury’s first-ever direct relationship with a foreign government, according to documents viewed by Reuters.

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