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Dear Jim,

A short note regarding something which still makes me laugh and may bring a grin to your face:

The video of the Canadian Newswoman saying "The Dollar is the way to go because Gold doesn’t have anything backing it."

The idiocy continues to astound me.



Holy Cow Jim!

The invisible hand guides the weak (hands) to the elevator shaft with an open hand and smile. Today’s panic masks a steady reversal of the money flows that setup this decline. Gold tends to bottom when composite lease spreads turn positive.

Chart: Gold Lease Spread Composite (GLSC) and Gold Price, USD


A closer look reveals why the invisible hand is smiling.  They’re regaining control from the weak without much of a struggle.

Table:  Gold Lease Spread Composite (GLSC) and Gold Price, USD


"A month ago I got over 3500 incoming emails in less than three hours"

Seriously? Eric
Yes, absolute truth… Jim