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Right from a young age, children should be taught the greatness of our ancient culture. They should develop humility, love, and reverence toward elders and respect everyone. Children and youth should be moulded into ideal citizens. One can earn the respect of others only when one first respects others. Respect does not mean merely greeting by saying ‘hello’. One should offer their respects to the others with humility and reverence. Na-maskara means offering your respects without a trace of ego and attachment (ahamkara and mamakara). For anything, practise is very important. The responsibility lies with the parents and teachers to make the children and youth adhere to our ancient tradition. Then society will certainly progress and enjoy peace and prosperity. If we practise our ancient values, society will attain kshe mam (welfare), otherwise it will be afflicted with kshamam (famine). Practising one’s sacred culture is the true sign of education.
–SSB 2003

My Dear Friends,

This week nine board members of the US Federal reserve spoke on the subject of QE, some of them more than one time. MSM has interpreted their message as saying we have QE ready to go but we do not necessarily see it as required.

Consumer Confidence has sundered and all the China bashers are going wild over the possibility that China growth might drop to 5% to 7%. MSM is again hammering the euro. The net result is downside pressure on gold and equities because it is liquidity that floats those boats.

QE to infinity is infinite debt monetization. That is cosmos level liquidity. The sum total of all this MSM news today, truly understood, is that QE to infinity is guaranteed in both the US and in Euroland. It is more certain than death and taxes. Because of this it is better to buy breaks in general equities to trade than sell short equities for investment, and to hold your gold insurance. The manipulators love a day like this because the long side is the side that the gold banks will be on when they makes the most money in the shortest time as they did in 1980.

Long your gold they scared out of your hands by total BS on days like today.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here is the latest from John Williams’

– CPI Headline Inflation of 0.3% Was 0.8% Not Seasonally Adjusted
– March Year-to-Year Inflation: 2.7% (CPI-U), 2.9% (CPI-W), 10.3% (SGS)
– Broad-Based Inflation Reflected in Stronger “Core” Inflation
– February Trade Improvement Should Boost GDP Expectations

"No. 428: March CPI and PPI, February Trade Balance"


Angel (AKA Free-Fall)’s Commentary

I am not concerned about business activity in China since only China bashers see a hard landing. It however will, either way, work as a brake on world economics and therefore necessitate "QE to infinity" because this is a balance sheet depression ensuing.

As far as the euro crisis is concerned, don’t be concerned because whatever is required in terms of QE to infinity will be provided with major swaps from the US Federal Reserve. The euro will be here when Jim is not.

Once you start on the road of QE, by definition you are a world class addict. There is absolutely no PRACTICAL way to stop. Note the operating word is “practical” as you can quote many useless academic ways in denial.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Since Angel got some home page time today, it is only fair Zoey, Anna’s dog, also gets some. We really have no idea what she is, but Anna claims she is a Scandinavian Squirrel Casher, a rare breed.




Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

QE to infinity is as sure as death and taxes here and in Euroland.

Tax refunds being used to pay for bankruptcy filings
By Christine Dugas, USA TODAY

Some Americans spend their tax refunds on high-tech gadgets and long-awaited vacations. Others use the cash to file for bankruptcy.

More than 200,000 money-strapped households will use their tax refunds this year to pay for bankruptcy filing and legal fees, says a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The NBER research confirms what bankruptcy lawyers have long known: At the first part of the year, when Americans receive their tax refunds, there almost always is a spike in personal bankruptcy filings.

But that has been especially true since the cost of bankruptcy soared after U.S. bankruptcy laws changed in 2005. And many more families have been forced to delay filing until they can afford to pay the fees, the NBER study says.

"If people are expecting a big refund, they go as fast as they can to a tax preparer," says Henry Sommer, a bankruptcy lawyer in Philadelphia. "They need the money so they can afford to file for bankruptcy."