Tell A Lie Big Enough, Loud Enough And Long Enough And The Sheeple Will Believe

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Dear CIGAs,

Have you considered the States of the US Dollar Union have financial problems equal to and in many cases in excess of the States of the European Union?

Have you considered that as bumbling as it has been that Europe has admitted their problem?

As ineffective as those euro initiatives might be, some action is being taken, while the Union of States of the US Dollar are united primarily in kicking the financial can (together with the US Fed) down a road now at a DEAD END? I have demonstrated to you why the road is now at its dead end in the recent three interviews and three special emails.

Don’t be lulled to sleep by the utilization of the insult that calls certain members of the EU PIGS.

The dollar crowd has not even considered that they have a problem so no cure to the liquidity addiction of the dollar crowd is possible.

Sleep on with illustrations like the one below. You will get a rude awakening come June this year as international dollar utilization sunders badly, setting a major unexpected down trend for the dollar and gold’s greatest ever ascent.

It is not the euro that is being sucked down the whirlpool of loss of value based on loss of utilization. It is the US dollar that is in the greater danger of loss of value due to loss of utilization.