Dollar and America on the Road to Ruin

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By Greg Hunter’s

Dear CIGAs,

In the last week or so, I’ve noticed an unusual amount of really well written and researched articles warning of impending doom and financial horror.  These articles are not written by a bunch of angry uneducated bloggers but by money managers, investors and financial writers.  All are people who got it right leading up to the meltdown of 2008, and my bet is they are right again.  The mainstream media (MSM) told you after the 2008 crash, “Nobody saw that coming,” which is a bold faced lie that will not work again.  

Jim Quinn of wrote a tour de force of troubling realities you will never hear on the MSM.  Quinn lays out the case for coming ruin with stats, charts and razor sharp logic in a post called “Illusion of Recovery–Feelings vs. Facts.”  In his summation, Quinn says, “There is no avoiding the final collapse of a boom created solely by credit expansion. Those in power will never voluntarily relinquish their grand game of pillaging the wealth of the nation, so economic collapse will be the ultimate result. They will continue to use propaganda, printing presses, and half-truths to further their agenda. But those who examine the facts will come to a logical conclusion that we are being sold a great lie.”  (Click here to read this very long but very good Jim Quinn post.)

Other headlines read “Many of Us Will Never See Happy Days Are Here Again.”  The reports site a multitude of statistics showing America in ruin.  Did you know “49 percent of all Americans live in a home that gets direct monetary benefits from the federal government”?  (Click here for that story.)  How about this little post titled “Why The Notions Of Systemic Failure Or Going To Zero Are On Par With Bigfoot & Unicorns For Most Investors.”  Money manager Graham Summers cites two ugly monstrous facts, “1) US commercial banks currently sit atop $248 TRILLION in derivatives  2) The US Federal Reserve is now buying 91% of all long-term new US debt issuance (at the same time China and Russia are dumping US bonds).”  (Click here for more on this story.)

Other titles include:  “A Financial Crisis in 2012 is Inevitable! Here’s Why,” “Government Is Dead Man Walking-The Fiscal Situation Is Much Worse Than Most People Realize,” and “The Financial Crisis Of 2008 Was Just A Warm Up Act For The Economic Horror Show That Is Coming.”   All these were written in the last week or so, and all feature sound analysis.  (There were several more I left out for the sake of brevity.)  Please keep in mind, these stories only talk about the facts and fundamentals of the economy.  War in the Middle East is not mentioned in any article.  When you consider hostilities featuring Syria, Iran, Israel, China, Russia and the United States, the mind boggles.  War would bring collapse, chaos, and financial calamity in very short order.  Oh, and by all means, let’s throw the European debt crisis into the mix for good measure.