There Will Be A Run On Gold Stored In The US

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Dear CIGAs,

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With gold remaining firm above $1,650, today King World News interviewed legendary Jim Sinclair, to get his take on where things are headed.  Sinclair surprised KWN by telling us there would be a run, by European countries, on the gold they have stored at the New York Fed.  Here is what Sinclair had to say when we asked him if the IMF would be selling any gold:  “No.  The role of gold has changed and gold is moving more toward the central bank then away from it.  On top of that you have seen a significant amount of media attention towards, ‘Where is our gold?’  This is taking place in the European press.”

Jim Sinclair continues:

“(There is) surprise when they find out it’s in a cellar of the New York Fed, in Manhattan Island.  There’s a desire for gold to have more of a national scent to it as it becomes the only performing asset for the central banks.”  When asked about Europeans wanting their gold brought back to their respective countries, Sinclair responded, “You’re starting to see that, and you have also seen, from the figures, the central banks accumulating.