We are Witnessing a Historic Bottom in Gold

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It certainly gets lonely out there when the voices of gold all turn negative.
–Jim Sinclair

London Trader – We are Witnessing a Historic Bottom in Gold

(Courtesy of Eric King at www.KingWorldNews.com

With many investors worried the price of gold could head lower, today King World News interviewed the “London Trader” to get his take on the gold market. The source stated, “The Chinese have continued to take delivery of both physical gold and silver directly from the ETF’s GLD and SLV.  They are also going directly to producers.  Entities are bypassing the COMEX altogether and going straight to gold mining companies.  Every single month producers have a certain amount of gold and silver they sell.  Normally they sell it to the bullion banks and the bullion banks, of course, leverage this gold and sell up to 100 times that in paper markets to control prices.”

The London Trader continues:

“They (bullion banks) hold that little bit of physical gold and claim they are backed up on their position to the CFTC.  I have all my large buyers now going to producers and saying to them, ‘Look, don’t sell it to the bullion banks, we’ll buy it from you.’  So we are buying directly from the producers and this includes some sovereign entities which are doing the same thing. 

We’re struggling to get the physical out of these guys (producers) because they have so many people banging on their door, saying, ‘Sell it to us direct.’  What these buyers are doing is essentially taking gold out of the system, which means the bullion banks can’t leverage that gold anymore.