Selling Against The Angels Expected

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My Dear Friends,

I am amazed at the day later geniuses that send out dire warnings on gold. Selling against the upper two Angels was obvious. There is no top in gold.

Kenny places the odds at 50/50 that yesterday’s low was the low. He says that if it was not then the low is not far below.

I have never seen such capitulation among people especially in outrageously undervalued gold shares. Pros were dropping dead today. In bullion you had to walk close to the building to be safe from the golden flyers.

I have told you time and time again that gold will be violent in its exponential stage. What you have seen is nothing compared to what is to come. Truth be known, this kitchen is going to get hotter by the day so if you cannot handle the heat sell partially at each Angel until you have cut yourself back to the sleeping well size position.

For heaven’s sake stop barfing into weakness. Stop selling weakness and buying strength. That is a kindergarten type error.

Stop the margin. It will kill you. Stop watching every tick. That is certain to make you crazy.

You will in the future be very sorry you sold down to a sleeping position at Angels, but stopping pain is not an illogical purpose.