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A few years ago, I coined the term (I believe) the Productivity Paradox:


The fewer people employed, the higher the productivity, that is, until you attain perfect productivity with a fully automated economic production. Small problem: fully automated production means no employees. No employees means no wages paid which means no funds to pay for consumption.

Production cannot be consumed unless employees are paid wages with which the production may be purchased. Therefore, productivity beyond a certain point is counterproductive.

A productivity paradox?! Just an extrapolated thought.

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

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This report took a lot guts for both MSNBC and for the reporter that presented the story. But the key point for me sending this out is the mainstream media is actually starting to blow the whistle, which I am very happy to see. However, enlightened ones beware, it is my opinion that the demolition of the Federal Reserve and Central Banking as we know it is part of the Banker’s plan to centralize things even further when the chaos really hits. If we are enlightened to these things we won’t be fooled as easy.

The first link is directly off of MSNBC’s webpage and the story is 12-minutes and 45-seconds long. The second video is a YouTube video that carries the story, but is only 7-minutes long. Nevertheless, rip this video if you can, and have a copy of it for yourself, just in case it may need to be reposted, because, well, you know how things like this can accidentally disappear.


Click here to watch the MSNBC video…