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Afternoon Thought

The UAE flight I always take was escorted into JFK by two US fighter jets, but landed and disembarked in the normal commercial aviation area.

There is a contradiction in that procedure.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Who can identify the CIGA Feline with a bear’s nose?

We all know Mica and Mrs.



Thought For The Morning

1.4% of the GDP growth of 2% was inventories.

That is scary.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

John’s work is a great deal more than just these one liners.

His report on QE is excellent. It should be read.

– Third-Quarter GDP Growth Statistically Indistinguishable from Zero
– Official Economic Activity Is Virtually Flat Other Than for Inventory Building
– Fed Will Be Forced to Monetize Treasury Debt, Irrespective of Current Jawboning, Games Playing and Hand Wringing
– October Employmen
t Data Likely Will Disappoint Market Expectations