JPMorgan Chase To No Longer Use MERS

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Dear Jim,

The announcement by Jamie Dimon that JPMorgan Chase will no longer use the MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.) System to track its loans is a clear signal the house of cards that the Banksters built when they created MERS back in the 1990s is being deconstructed by the Banksters themselves in an attempt to soften the blow when the whole system comes crashing down around its own greed.

As the old saying goes, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

I found the “chink” in MERS armor where it concerns loans that were securitized by Wall Street Investment Banks which makes every MERS Assignment of Mortgage from an originating lender directly into the Trust Fund fraudulent.

According to MERS’ own rules, when a loan is assigned “out” of the MERS® System it must be recorded in the county land records.  This never happens!

If you follow the Securitization Flow Chart you can see who the participants are in the deal.  Parties “C” and “D” are not MERS Members, therefore, the Vo loan should have been assigned by Party “B” to “C” and recorded in the Clark County land records; and Party “C” should have assigned the loan into the Trust, Party “D”, which assignment also should have been recorded. 

Instead, the two Assignments that you see attached hereto were “manufactured” in an attempt to perfect the chain of title into the Trust, and they are both fraudulent.

The Assignment from Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. is a self-dealing Assignment executed by “robo-signor” Linda Green who actually works for DOCX, a subsidiary of Lender Processing Services that was shut down earlier this year when the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida and the Florida Attorney General opened criminal and civil investigations.

The second Assignment from American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. to U.S. Bank National Association as Indenture Trustee for AMH Investment Trust 2005-4 is also signed by Linda Green and is fraudulent for many reasons, one of which is that only the Depositor, Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I LLC had the legal right to convey the mortgage obligations into the Trust Fund according to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and other securitization documents filed with the SEC.

Also, all loans had to be conveyed into the Trust by September 28, 2005; therefore, Assignments that are dated more than three years hence are a sheer fabrication.

Many of your readers have been calling me for help on this subject, and I cannot respond to all.  I would appreciate your sharing this information and my exhibits so that others can see what these “false documents” actually look like and can better evaluate their own situations.


CIGA Marie

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