The Tiring Nature Of Media Propaganda

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My Dear Friends,

Doesn’t it get tiring to hear the propaganda of government and business over the airwaves telling us exactly what isn’t correct?

I started this morning on the note of the Fed going to drain one trillion by negotiations with money funds which I know is absolute bunk. Then I see two events today of blatant QE while I hear how the Fed is going to drain huge amounts of the liquidity that was added to the market. Coming up next will be the EU having a plan to bailout Greece, but the ECB will not say what that plan is because they have no plan, only intentions.

Some people have observed that I know what gold is doing without looking because I feel it. Well, I do.

Right now I feel totally frustrated by the degree of misinformation spewing out of every form of media.

Nobody can be that stupid.

They are either all kissing up, or there is a Propaganda Czar who runs it. I will go with the former and a tad of the later plus the fact that Wall Street is a major investor in F-TV.

Is it possible that gold is fed up with the lies and distortions that are so apparent Mr. Fred barks at the TV? It is, and I sense it happened today.

We have been discussing over the last few days the fact that no currency on the planet is any longer a storehouse of value. We are headed into a system of taking a ticket to get bailed out sovereign wise.

The relationship between leading currency and gold is never going to be cancelled, but it is loosening.

Gold is your only good insurance policy.

Who knows, we may be long gold for a much greater period of time and price than I anticipated in 2001.

Respectfully yours,