Comments on Today’s Chart From Trader Dan

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Dear CIGAs,

Back in the old days when charts were kept in caves and we wore animal skins going to Wall Street, aka my time, the type of a formation in gold is exactly like a step ladder known then to us as a Swiss Stair.

It was rare and had to have a perfect measure.

What it meant then was that the secret Swiss had inside information on something and were accumulating, as only they could, like a finely oiled machine. It only occurred is situations that were going to amazing heights.

It was a certain situation when it was a Swiss Stair at new highs. It was a certain situation when it was a Swiss Stair over a few months at the least.

I have seen stocks go from under $10 to over $200 as a result of properly constructed Swiss Stairs.

Gold never has inside news. Gold is what it is. Inside might be living with gold for half of a century to know what it means.

This now makes $1650 look much too conservative.

What have you been told about gold here by all of us that has not come to fruition?

Here is another tidbit. Goldman will make more money long on gold than any other entity.