Another MOPEy Day In The Markets

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Dear Friends,

1. Prechter is getting a big Bloomberg push today because he is going to say what they want to hear on gold and the US dollar. They will even allow him to pan equities to get a bull recommendation on the dollar and a bear recommendation on gold.

He does not know or maybe care that he is being used as part of the MOPE campaign directed at making the financing of the deficit at comfortable rates.

The appearance is, according Bloomberg, to discuss if gold is going higher in order to get the bulls to listen and orally hammer them.

Please do not send me 500 scared emails asking about a man who on every modest reaction in gold since $248 has forecasted a return to $248.

2. Do not worry about the "End of Life" part of the Health Bill. Now worry about the "Death Panel" part of the bill. Next it will be called the "Right to Life Panel." You choose or we will.

3. There are 6 lobbyists to every member of the legislative hammering away on the Health Bill. That is the largest amount of hired political donation hands since the income tax bill of 1986.

4. The manipulators are acting like a child with too much power. Gold is off $10 on a range of 30 dollar points. All this means is when they lose that battle gold is going first to $1224 at unprecedented speed.

5. 150 banks with OTC derivative based SIVs, called toxic loans, has them BANKRUPT as I write this.

6. Consumer confidence falls unexpectedly for analysts but not for you.

7. Hyperinflation is a currency event, and not a member of the inflation family as F-TV calls inflation, the skewed CPI or PPI. Refer to for an education on the CPI.

8. Now F-TV is instructing the public that although the recovery will now not be a V shape, it is certainly intact, happy and healthy.

9. Enjoy your massive Management of Perspective Economics (MOPE) day on the airwaves.

Respectfully yours,