The Battle Between MOPE and Economic Law

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Dear Friends,

The battle between Management of Perspective Economics (MOPE) and Economic Law is the drama you are witnessing. Put another way, it is gold trading banks versus a public via Goldman Sachs type trading programs.

MOPE would tear the guts out of every public and private balance sheet for their own personal benefit, declaring the system safe and sound while playing markets like a violin to prove their point.

MOPE cannot and will not rule the outcome.

Economic law is inviolate that at best can only be delayed by the white collar, satin shoe, financial criminal element that seeks to enrich itself with no limits on desires, regardless of the cost to the citizens of the Western world in terms of human suffering.

The Western world is broken. the dollar has 121 days left before the CONFIDENCE element is strung out to dry.

This I know. Gold is headed for $1224 and thence on to $1650. All of this will play out by my date of January 14th, 2011.

Alf and Armstrong will be proven great predictors of these markets.

Form over substance is the rule of this day. In 121 days substance will rule over form.

Respectfully yours,