How Hyperinflation Will, Without Any Doubt, Be Created In The USA

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Dear CIGAs,

With the Fed prepared to buy Treasuries, the US will not at this time face a failed auction. If they weren’t that would be the scenario we would now be facing.

The under-current of the utilization of quantitative easing is hyper inflationary because it is so dollar negative.

Remember hyperinflation is NOT an economic event, it is a currency event.

If you study market history you will see the glaring truth that the Weimar experience would not have happened if German debt markets were not used as a vehicle to heavily short the Weimar Mark.

It was the Weimar mark short sellers that created the Weimar hyperinflation just as the OTC derivative shorts will cream the US dollar with the unavoidable effect being hyperinflation.

I know of what I speak. About the above there is no doubt. There is no real argument to the contrary and you can count the number of those outside of our community on one hand who understand how hyperinflation is created.