An Assault On My Integrity

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Dear CIGAs,

Of all the items mentioned in the media’s article that was in poor form was their focus on a C$2,000.00 fine paid over a decade ago to the Western Canadian authorities concerning a public release made by my private, not public, company of which I was Chairman.

To best understand the motivation and intrigue with vast implications of this battle, I respectfully request you review the article, “The Men Who Moil For Gold.” This proxy contest personally cost me USD$5,000,000 with 21 attorneys and legal associates in four countries.

Click here to read the article “The Men Who Moil for Gold.”

The result, as in all proxy contests, was to put the company in play, resulting in quite a success.

Counsel prior to release cleared this document, but that is no guarantee that regulators would not decide it was untoward.

What I feel you need to know is that document was in the context of a viscous proxy contest between the private company Sutton Action Committee of which I was chairman and the public Sutton Resources Ltd. of which I remained director.

The event focused upon by the media article was the last item of the finalization of the proxy that included cancellation of seven lawsuits.

My dear departed wife was motivated to do something for the local Kahama district so an agreement was entered into with Barrick Gold for Barbara to finance the building of a USD$1,300,000 hospital at the Bulyanhulu with Barrick agreeing to maintain the hospital thereafter.

Below is a bronze placard that is in the hospital memorializing Barbara’s deep caring for the Tanzanian people.


This was but one of 18 significant projects Barbara and our daughter undertook with their own funds to recognize the warm welcome and hospitable attitude of the Tanzanian people.