More Of The Exact Same

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My Dear Friends,

All that has changed is more of what caused this problem in the first place. You are being lied to yet again.

1. Gold is your lifeline, nothing else. I assure you of this.

2. When reality hits, as it will, it will be too late to seek a lifeline.

3. If you let go of your lifeline you have put more into harm’s way than just an investment or a portfolio item.

4. In the final analysis gold and the dollar are inverse to each other.

5. The dollar is only considered a lifeline when viewed from the intoxicants of spin.

6. Gold is a currency.

7. Gold currency is the monetary unit of last resort. Reality is that we all will require a last resort.

8. The G20 was not an intervention that can stop a downward spiral because it produced more of the stuff that caused the disaster in the first place, monetary inflation. 9. Monetary inflation is what the downward spiral is made of.

10. Be logical.

11. Stop being emotional.

12. Anything you can stare down, you can overcome. Stare down your foolish emotions and adhere to reason.

The following is hot air and fabrication. There is no new world. All that has occurred is the plan to create USD $1 Trillion in new monetary inflation. The G20 was all PR that produced more of what has caused the disaster in the first place, another one trillion in monetary inflation that has no means of being withdrawn ever from the international system.

New world Order, you have to be kidding!

G-20 Shapes New World Order With Lesser Role for U.S., Markets
By Rich Miller and Simon Kennedy

April 3 (Bloomberg) — Global leaders took their biggest steps yet toward a new world order that’s less U.S.-centric with a more heavily regulated financial industry and a greater role for international institutions and emerging markets.

At the end of a summit in London, policy makers from the Group of 20 yesterday delivered a regulatory blueprint that French President Nicholas Sarkozy said turned the page on the Anglo-Saxon model of free markets by placing stricter limits on hedge funds and other financiers. The leaders also pledged to triple the resources of the International Monetary Fund and to hand China and other developing economies a greater say in the management of the world economy.

“It’s the passing of an era,” said Robert Hormats, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International, who helped prepare summits for presidents Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. “The U.S. is becoming less dominant while other nations are gaining influence.”

A lot was at stake. If the leaders had failed to forge a consensus — Sarkozy this week threatened to quit the talks if they didn’t back much tighter regulation — it might have set back the world’s economy and markets just as they’re showing signs of shaking off the worst financial crisis in six decades.

That’s what happened in 1933, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt torpedoed a similar conference in London by rejecting its plan to stabilize currency rates and in the process scotched international efforts to lift the world out of a depression.