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Dear Friends,

Please accept my sincere thanks for the many birthday wishes I received today. You compliment me by your kind words and remembrance.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

It is sad this is absolutely true!


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The ground swell will grow because I am as mad as Hell!

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The G 20 is sizing up now as a battle between the New Giant and yesterday’s news.

China Chastises West in Leadership Bid Before G-20 (Update1)
By Li Yanping and Kevin Hamlin

March 27 (Bloomberg) — China is scolding the world before the Group of 20 meeting next week, telling the largest countries to spend more on stimulus and fix their financial supervision.

Central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan yesterday lambasted governments that failed to emulate China’s “decisive” action to spur economic growth. Earlier this week he suggested creating a new international reserve currency to rival the dollar.

Evidence that China’s 4 trillion yuan ($585 billion) stimulus package is taking effect is emboldening the nation’s leaders to dictate their vision for a new world economic and financial order. Premier Wen Jiabao said this month he was worried about the value of China’s $740 billion in U.S. Treasury holdings and asked for a guarantee of their safety.

“China can stand up and say, ‘Our policies have worked, we have stabilized our economy first,’” said Glenn Maguire, chief Asia-Pacific economist at Societe Generale SA in Hong Kong. “China is positioning itself to have a much more significant role and influence at this G-20 meeting than it has at any other international forum in the past.”

Leaders of the 20 largest industrial and developing nations meet in London on April 2 to look for ways to alleviate the global financial crisis and strengthen international regulation. The World Bank this month said the global economy will probably shrink for the first time since World War II.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Mickey Mouse fired, world children decimated. Trader Dan’s kids to picket Disney World.

Wall Street cheers action as a profit improving move. Banksters say screw the kids.

Sources: Disney To Eliminate 800 Jobs
Company Employs 62,000 In Central Florida
POSTED: Friday, March 27, 2009
UPDATED: 10:53 am EDT March 27, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. — Nearly 800 jobs are being eliminated at Walt Disney World, sources told Local 6 News.

The layoffs have been ongoing for weeks, and more workers were laid off on Thursday, Local 6 News reported. The cuts have mostly targeted salaried workers.

More layoffs are expected, although Disney would not say how many total jobs were being dissolved.

Disney announced last month that it would begin laying off workers as it began combining some its Florida backstage operations with California. The company first offered voluntary buyouts to more than 600 park executives, but only 50 employees accepeted the offers.

Disney employs about 62,000 cast members in Central Florida.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Only for the Grace of God, that could have been us.

Don’t let your guard down.

Gold is now a lifeline and not simply a portfolio item. Certainly Volcker did not cave for nothing. He had to see a total world implosion on the horizon to make him throw away the most distinguished financial career of anyone living today!

Look at the damage done to people’s lives by these sociopath Banksters and their OTC derivative manufacturing and distribution networks. Financial misbehavior is not victimless.

Hidden Homeless Emerge as US Economy Worsens
by Steve Gorman and Suzanne Hurt
Published on Thursday, March 26, 2009 by Reuters

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Emergency shelters brimming with homeless people in California’s capital are quietly turning away more than 200 women and children a night in a sign of the deteriorating U.S. economy.

The displaced individuals on waiting lists at St. John’s Shelter and other facilities often turn instead to relatives or friends for temporary living quarters, perhaps moving into a spare room, garage or trailer. The less fortunate might sleep in their cars or a vacant storage unit.

They are the hidden homeless. And their ranks appear to be growing as rising joblessness and mortgage foreclosures take their toll in Sacramento and other U.S. cities, experts say.

U.S. President Barack Obama recognized the trend in his televised news conference this week, saying, "the homeless problem was bad even when the economy was good," and he vowed to bring greater government resources to bear to deal with it.

"It is not acceptable for children and families to be without a roof over their heads in a country as wealthy as ours," he said.

A "tent city" of up to 200 homeless in Sacramento was thrust into the media spotlight last month as a symbol of the battered U.S. economy. California authorities said this week they would shut down the illegal settlement and find other shelter for its residents, most of them chronically homeless.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Gold and all things gold are now a lifeline more than an investment.

If you don’t have gold you may be putting more than your portfolio in danger

EU presidency: US stimulus is ‘the road to hell’
By AOIFE WHITE, AP Business Writer – Wed Mar 25, 3:38 pm ET

BRUSSELS – The head of the European Union slammed President Barack Obama’s plan to spend nearly $2 trillion to push the U.S. economy out of recession as "the road to hell" that EU governments must avoid.

The blunt comments by Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek to theEuropean Parliament on Wednesday highlighted simmering European differences with Washington ahead of a key summit next week on fixing the world economy.

It was the strongest pushback yet from a European leader as the 27-nation bloc bristles from U.S. criticism that it is not spending enough to stimulate demand.

Shocked by the outburst, other European politicians went into damage control mode, with some reproaching the Czech leader for his language and others reaffirming their good diplomatic ties with the United States. The leaders of EU’s major nations — France, Britainand Germany, among others — largely ignored Topolanek and his remarks.

Obama pays his first official visit to Europe next week, aiming to thrash out reforms to the global financial system with the Group of 20 nations and call on NATO allies to commit more troops to the U.S. war in Afghanistan.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Markets have given Pakistan a "Zero Factor" fear rating, so you can be quite sure it will upset markets long term in time. It is a "clutch event" that will permanently shift the gears of the world.

Suicide bomber kills 48 at mosque in Pakistan
From Times Wire Services
3:37 AM PDT, March 27, 2009

Peshawar, Pakistan — A suicide bomber struck a packed mosque during Friday prayers in northwestern Pakistan, killing at least 48 people, a government official said.

Tariq Hayat, the top administrator in the Khyber region, said rescuers have pulled 48 bodies from the rubble of the mosque near the town of Jamrud. He said the death toll was likely to rise.

"Up to 70 people could have been killed," he told Geo TV.


Pakistani and Afghan Taliban Unify in Face of U.S. Influx

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — After agreeing to bury their differences and unite forces, Taliban leaders based in Pakistan have closed ranks with their Afghan comrades to ready a new offensive in Afghanistan as the United States prepares to send 17,000 more troops there this year.

In interviews, several Taliban fighters based in the border region said preparations for the anticipated influx of American troops were already being made. A number of new, younger commanders have been preparing to step up a campaign of roadside bombings and suicide attacks to greet the Americans, the fighters said.

The refortified alliance was forged after the reclusive Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, sent emissaries to persuade Pakistani Taliban leaders to join forces and turn their attention to Afghanistan, Pakistani officials and Taliban members said.