Hourly Action In Gold As Of 3PM CDT From Trader Dan

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Dear Friends,

The events that have transpired since the writing of my midday commentary are so stupendous that I felt a few comments were in order.

The news that the Fed would be buying $300 billion of long-dated Treasuries sent the bond market into what can only be called a frenzy. In all the years I have been trading, I have never seen anything quite like it. We are talking about a move that carried from 123^25 to 132^18. The drop in yield was nothing short of breathtaking. The effect on the yield curve was to flatten it considerably. If the idea was to give the banks some ability to borrow short and lend long and profit from the recently steepening curve, that just went up in smoke but apparently the thinking is that the Fed can artificially force down long term interest rates and this will have a beneficial effect on the comatose housing market. Hey you morons – why not just hand out money directly to every taxpaying citizen in the country? After all, you can just print more of it whenever we need it… God help us all…

The effect on both the Dollar and the gold price was instantaneous. The Dollar collapsed as well it should have while gold shot up nearly $60 of its worst levels of the session.

Folks – it is my sincere conviction that this current administration is absolutely CLUELESS in how to solve this problem and are flailing in the wind. They are throwing anything that they can think of at a wall and hoping that something will stick. These theoreticians and academics, none of whom can probably even balance their own damn checkbooks, are now attempting to run the monetary system. In the process they have just destroyed our Dollar and make no mistake about this – they are now monetizing debt – which is another way of saying they are printing money out of thin air. Is it any wonder that the Dollar cratered and gold shot up so sharply?

As a long term friend of gold I am of course pleased to see gold moving higher but as an American citizen who loves this nation, I am both sickened and angered at the amateur hour that has taken over in Washington D.C. While the Fed burns down the Dollar, the same dipsticks who helped create this mess are worried about $165 million in bonuses when they are spending over $3 trillion in debt that my children will be saddled with. And to see the chief ringleaders, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, feigning outrage and attempting to hop on the populist bandwagon to distract attention away from the gargantuan sum of indebtedness that they have just chained to the next generation makes my blood boil.

Wake up America – these damn fools are destroying what is left of our Constitutional republic.

Obviously the technical action in gold completely erases that which transpired before the Fed announcement. Now we have to see if gold can sustain a footing above the $930 level. If it can, and it must if it is going to have a chance at trending higher, then it has a very good shot at $960. That level is what will need to be taken out in order to challenge $1000.

The mining shares as evidenced by the HUI and the XAU both launched technical breakouts smashing above the 40, 50 and 10 day moving averages and taking out horizontal resistance levels in the process. The HUI needs to take out 320-323 to set up a trending move.

Please see the gold chart below for the levels…

Click the chart below to enlarge today’s hourly action in Gold in PDF format as of 3:00pm CDT with commentary from Trader Dan Norcini