A Note From Monty Guild

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Dear CIGAs,

Jim Sinclair has earned and deserves you appreciation.

In my opinion, Jim Sinclair deserves great praise and appreciation for his immense contribution. I have seen him call the price movements in gold beautifully, warn you about dangerous investments, identify risks you would never have thought of, explain the most arcane financial and economic information in a simple understandable manner, put you in touch with the thinking of top contributors such as trader Dan Norcini, and provide a great deal of free information to all of his readers at substantial cost to himself.

Running the JSMineset website costs a large amount of money each year. In addition Jim has spent a large amount of his valuable time serving the interests and needs of the investment community for no fee. I would like to express my appreciation to Jim, and I know that you will join me in thanking him for the wisdom and kindness that he has shown to all of the readers of JSMineset.

Respectfully yours,

Monty Guild