Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan

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Dear CIGAs,

Gold appears to have run into resistance near the $920 level which is blocking its upward path for now. Since we know that the funds are purely technical traders and have been buying, both adding new longs and for those who were short, getting out by covering, while open interest has been steadily increasing, it is safe to say that the bullion banks are the ones blocking the upward trajectory. Nothing new there and it does not take much observation for those who have been watching gold the last 8 years to know this.

The inability of the mining shares to continue higher yesterday, even in the face of a much higher bullion price, gave some paper longs at the Comex a reason to cash in some profits and emboldened the bears to dig in their heels.

To show you how fickle these markets have become, do you remember when gold was following the equity markets around not all that long ago. They went down – it went down. They went up – it went up. It was all about the famous “risk aversion” or deleveraging trade. Now the exact opposite seems to be happening. The equities go up and gold goes down. Well guess what they have come up with to now explain this turn of events? Yes – risk aversion!

Here’s the latest – equities are going up because supposedly some of the news from the banking sector is not as dire as many have come to expect. The bearish sentiment in the equity markets is misplaced. Gold has been going up because of banking sector fears and currency risk. Ergo – gold should now go down as those fears are overblown because the risk averse psychology has become too excessive. In other words – all’s clear and the water is just lovely so dive on in!

I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

Had enough – how about this one?  – Gold has now broken its relation to the Dollar. The fact that the Dollar was being bid up was evidence of a panic into safety. Now that the Dollar is going down it means that the panic is subsiding. Therefore gold should go down as well which means the inverse relationship between gold and the Dollar has been severed.

Again, I am just repeating the latest mantra du jour.

Just wait and see – when gold starts going up as the Dollar starts going down the same guys who came up with the latest explanations will be singing how the historic relationship between gold and the Dollar has been restored once again. No matter what happens – they will have proven to be right! Geniuses all!

It reminds me of the global warming crowd. When droughts were springing up and record highs were being shattered it was called global warming. When record snowfalls suddenly showed up and record lows were being set as people all over the globe freezing their keisters off,  it morphed into climate change. No matter which way the temperatures go, that crowd will always be right! Shame on you climate destroyers for not cramming your family into something that more closely resembles a go-kart rather than an automobile on your assorted trips around town. If you had any concern for the planet you would be riding a horse to work. Then again that creature gives off methane gas which is actually being seriously considered as a pollutant and thus liable to be taxed by the idiots in Washington DC, so no matter what you do, you are royally screwed. It’s too bad that there remains no undiscovered country where freedom loving people who believe in honest money and limited government could sail off to and found a nation where the money changers and government control freaks would be banned from entering.

By the way, did you notice that the new President just signed the death sentence for the US automotive industry yesterday by mandating new mileage efficiency standards – all in the name of saving us from a problem that does not exist? Yep – nothing like telling an industry already on life support that their most profitable units, the bigger and safer vehicles, will have to go in favor of smaller, less profitable ones. Don’t touch the unions however whose demands have forced the US auto industry into concentrating their efforts on the more profitable lines (the larger vehicles) in an effort to offset the financial drain imposed upon them by the exorbitant salaries and benefits that they are forced to pay these same unionized workers.

Remember that big move up in Copper yesterday? Remember how the existing home sales number ran all the shorts out and pushed the market right into technical chart resistance threatening an upside breakout? Well, that is history today as it went “KERPLUNK”! To show you how utterly insane these markets have become and the farce that the hedge funds have turned them into, consider this – Copper closed at 1.4720 on Friday. On Monday it rallied sharply blasting upwards closing at 1.5865 reaching a high of 1.6310. Today it collapsed making a low of 1.4545 and closed at 1.4850, down 10 cents a pound. In other words, it went NO WHERE in TWO DAYS but in the process it careened all over the place blowing out upside buy stops before triggering a wave of downside sell stops today. And to think this hedge-fund created madness has become the price discovery mechanism by which commercial producers and end users are somehow supposed to be able to enter into contracts and hedge risk to ensure profitability. I have been watching these futures markets for more than 20 years and I have never seen such idiocy. This is what happens when computers have taken over trading decisions based on nothing but the latest price tick. I know it sounds excessive to some, but I honestly have come to believe that the entire futures industry is very close to being destroyed by these out of control hedge funds. A commercial entity simply cannot use these markets to hedge and without commercials these markets cannot survive since they will serve no useful purpose whatsoever as all that will be left is hedge funds trading their algorithms against the algorithms of other hedge funds with the commercials using forward contracts amongst themselves and bypassing the futures markets altogether.

Back to gold – technically gold still looks very good although it has stalled just below the $920 level. Ideally, it would hold support on any subsequent RE-test of the Downsloping trendline of the wedge formation on the weekly chart which is drawn off the July and October highs. That comes in near the $880 level. I would prefer to see it consolidate above the $880 level but would view an ability to hold above the $870 level as still friendly. Failure at $870 would give the shorts enough impetus to try to shove it back to $850- $840.

Upside resistance remains near $920 while more formidable resistance comes in near the $945-$950 region. That corresponds to both Downsloping trendline resistance drawn off the peak high made back in early 2008 and the July high which also happens to be the highs made back in October last year. Those are the parameters we are working with technically.

On the daily chart, all of the major moving averages, including the 100 day moving average are all now trending solidly upwards. The 10 day is close to making a bullish upside crossover of the 20 day which will give some trend following funds a reason to buy while the RSI remains below the 70 level. So we have room to run to the upside IF, and this is a big IF, the market can push through the bullion bank selling near $920. The inability of the mining shares to continue moving higher does concern me however. In an ideal bullish environment for gold, the shares move higher alongside the bullion price.

It looks to me like the weakness in crude oil today is contributing some downward pressure in gold as many of those fund algorithms use its price action as a factor in their selling or buying of commodities. Weaker crude oil prices give rise to the deflation scenario and that still leads some to sell gold because of misguided notions of how it will perform during periods of general price deflation. Again, gold is primarily a currency – not a commodity, and it will rise when faith in paper currencies falters, all of the arguments of the deflationists notwithstanding. When governments slash interest rates to NOTHING and issue more and more paper IOU’s, the sheer supply guarantees that they will lose value meaning that investors seeking wealth preservation are buying scraps of paper that pay zero return and lose any “value” that they might have once possessed. Gold thrives in such periods as it is solid, substantial and cannot be diluted by conniving Central Bankers. Which would you rather have in your hand during times of financial chaos and upheaval – a promise by a politician or a metal which has stood the test of 6,000 years? If you have any problem making a decision, I suggest you take a good look at the price chart of the British Pound and especially the price of gold in Sterling terms.

The HUI and the XAU were unable to manage strong closes above their former double tops make back in mid-December of last year and early January of this year in yesterday’s session meeting up with selling from the opening bell and never quite being able to shrug that off. Still, their charts look good as they are consolidating right around that former double top. I would like to see them hold above the 10 and 20 day moving averages near the 115 – 116 level in the XAU and 279 – 282 in the HUI.

Bonds finally saw an up day today which is to be expected given the beating that they have taken of late. The downdraft in bonds could be called “parabolic in reverse”. Jim likes to call it a “waterfall”, which is an apt description considering the fact that if one were long while this has occurred, they have indeed taken a bath in their trading accounts or better yet, drowned under a sea of red ink.

The Dollar is generally weaker today although it has bobbed back and forth between a small gain and a small loss. The charts still appear to show a technical failure near the 88 level. It is treading water above the 50 day moving average (barely) while the 100 day lies near the 83.50 level. A breach of that level and it should move back down to retest 80.

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