JSMineset Compendium Volume 2 Pre-Order List

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Dear CIGAs,

At long last we will soon be offering Version 2 of our Compendium. Version 2 will include all JSMineset articles from December 2005 onward. There will also be a number of extras included which we anticipate to include a DVD by Jim Sinclair. The cost is expected to be $80USD, which includes shipping, payable by credit card or cheque.

Version 1 of the Compendium, which covers articles from JSMineset’s inception to December 2005 and a separate technical analysis video disc by Jim Sinclair, will also be available once again in VERY limited numbers. If you have not already picked up a copy of this and want to you need to grab it as soon as it is available because this will likely be our last production run ever. The cost for this is expected to be $50USD, again with shipping included.

For those of you relatively new to the site, the compendiums are sold every few years to cover the operating costs of keeping a site like JSMineset up and running without having to make it a subscription based pay site. This is to cover costs only – any profit from these sales goes back directly to improving the site. If what we do here provides value to you purchase a compendium and help keep this site running. After all, you are getting a compilation of over 6000 articles that would total well over 15,000 pages if it was published in a book. Go to Amazon.com and try to find a better deal than that!

If you are interested in ordering the Compendium send an email to jscompendium@shaw.ca. We will add you to our updates list that will give you the option to purchase the set before everyone else. Who knows, maybe there will be another bonus if you sign up!

Dan Duval
JSMineset Editor