The Continued Fight Against The Comex

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Dear CIGAs,

Yes, gold is a currency. To deny that is simply idiotic. However there are degrees of relationship that are exaggerated by the gold banks for their perma-bearish short manipulation. Today, like yesterday and all the days before, the Comex gang ripped off your gold price lollypop. Minus $22 between today and yesterday is somewhat over the top. The euro versus the US dollar is a simple equation. It is a financial value comparison between the world’s largest debtor nation’s currencies, the US dollar and a creditor group of nation’s currency, the euro. Now you understand.

Manipulation of the gold price can be stopped if delivery of 21,000 contracts are taken and moved out of the Comex warehouse. We absolutely do not seek to break the exchange, we simply wish to stop manipulation that uses your money to collect their profits.

Two of my friends reading this who we have nicknamed Dr. No and Chung Phat could, if they wished, bring an end to this tomorrow. You can in three months 100oz bar by 100 oz bar.