Free The Bullion Gold Market – Stop The Paper Gold Comex

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

From an anonymous Swiss friend:

"Just for your information I have until now been able to buy 100 gram bars through my Swiss Banks.

Today the major Swiss Banks are also out of stock of the 100 gram bar. I can still buy 1 kg and 12 kg bars, but for how long?

As you have read the Swiss mints are working around the clock and seeing unprecedented demand.

With dwindling supply and very strong demand combined with the very favourable economic fundamentals for gold, it can only be a matter of time before the gold price explodes.

Also, the current move in gold is only against weak currencies such as the pound and the dollar. When the real move starts, gold will move up also against the Euro and Swiss Franc and this will be due to gold strength not just dollar weakness."